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At Healthy Nibbles we believe in engaged, diverse and energised working culture. After all, that’s what helps create profitable and innovative businesses. So, when the chance to work with everywoman came about, we were delighted. The reason is simple: everywoman has exactly the same values. While we go about our task by providing delicious and healthy snacks to businesses, everywoman does so by connecting women, businesses, and organisations all over the world. We sat down with Senior Events & Programmes Manager Lucinda Bone to find out more about everywoman’s journey, its thriving company culture, and the way that it empowers both employees and customers.

“We are all about the advancement of women in business,” Lucinda explains. “We use a powerful combination of inspiring, informative and educational content, giving access to a suite of engaging digital tools, brilliant female role models and quality learning resources. In addition to this, we run a programme of events celebrating successful women in traditionally male-dominated industries such as technology, insurance and entrepreneurship.”



“We are all about the advancement of women in business.”


Established in 1999, everywoman has gone on to build an active global network of more than 45,000 members in over 100 countries. Whether offering personal development, leadership, events or celebrating with awards, everywoman has changed the lives of many – including male allies.  

Such success, according to Lucinda, is in part due to a thriving company culture:

“Our company culture is collaboration, innovation and top-quality delivery on all of our events and products.”

Lucinda and her team wanted to reward those attending everywoman events with gifts that can easily be taken on-the-go to match their active, healthy, and busy lifestyles.



"I’d give Healthy Nibbles a ten out of ten. They’re a really great company to work with.”


“We were aware of Healthy Nibbles because it is female founded! Sara Roberts had already been featured on our network as a great female role model, and when we looked a bit more into the service provided by Healthy Nibbles, it seemed the natural choice for us,” says Lucinda. “We have ordered over 100 snack boxes from Healthy Nibbles now. The process has been super smooth! Each time we have gifted them we have received a great reaction from the recipients. I’d give Healthy Nibbles a ten out of ten. They’re a really great company to work with.”

It's a sentiment that we share. Together, we hope that everywoman can continue to empower females around the world.

Find out more about everywoman. Share your stories using #FemaleImpact.