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For Rachel Jones, Head Dragon at SnapDragon, the ‘lightbulb moment’ arrived when she spotted a counterfeit of one of her own baby products online. ‘I was so enraged,’ she explains, “I was worried about toddlers’ wellbeing, how they could potentially be injured by a fake product.”

SnapDragon came about because Rachel spent a couple of years fighting fakes of her own product to keep her business alive. She then discovered other people had similar issues; helped them for free, then decided it was worth creating affordable, effective software which SMEs could use themselves to fight their own battles – and thrive in the face of adversity.

Fighting fakes online, SnapDragon’s software identifies counterfeit and copycat products, and listings on ecommerce, social media, and as standalone websites, so that they can be removed quickly and efficiently by the SnapDragon team or by the brand owner. This approach, which uses intellectual property to prove originality, is quicker and cheaper than legal processes which, traditionally, have been slow and expensive.

Offering accessible and affordable software and services, SnapDragon aims to ensure that no other business owner is made to feel what Rachel once experienced, while also protecting consumers from dangerous, questionable products.



“Culture is a key priority”

The company has grown rapidly in the last 12 months – not only due to the excellent work it does, but also because of its emphasis on culture. “Culture is a key priority,” says Rachel. “We prioritise mental health and wellbeing every single day.” Innovative initiatives such as Dragon Duesday, where employees are allowed to start work at 10am so that they can spend the first hour of each Tuesday doing something for themselves, have seen SnapDragon recognised as a Top 25 company at the UK’s Culture Leaders.

And that isn’t all. SnapDragon’s open, employee-centred approach has also led them to Healthy Nibbles. “I was thinking about yet another surprise parcel for lockdown, having worked through bakery dispatches and cookies aplenty. But then I thought it would be nice to support another local business,” Rachel recalls. She landed on Healthy Nibbles: “All parcels have been extremely well received [by SnapDragon employees]. We all love the fact that you can pick ‘vegan’ or no nuts, for example, which means even if someone has a child with a nut allergy they don’t miss out. We’ve done at least three full company deliveries since!”



“You can’t open the door if you’re on the floor”

Healthy Nibbles are delighted to support such an innovative, forward-thinking company as SnapDragon. Investing in employees is a sure-fire step in the direction of success, with Healthy Nibbles business solutions helping to keep them healthy, happy, and double awesome. In the words of SnapDragon: you can’t open the door if you’re on the floor. A motto we could all do well to live by.

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