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Healthy Nibbles: Sara Roberts

Committed to the goal of enabling healthier choices; providing an opportunity for people to make a positive lifestyle choice. Through building a business with strong foundations, robust principles and recruiting a team of skilled people who have similar goals and ambitions, we are building for the future.
Sara, what was the "a-ha moment" that lead to the conception of Healthy Nibbles as a brand?
The a-ha moment we're actually two moments for the creation of Healthy Nibbles and involves two very personal ones and very different. The first was several years ago. It was 3:00 o'clock in the morning and I was sat at the bedside of my terminally ill father and I was hungry. I trundled off to the nearest vending machine to see what I could find and found the usual culprits. Family-sized bags of sweets, crisps, none of which were things that I wanted to eat at the time.

It really stood out to me that in an environment where people are trying to improve their health and are trying to get better nutritional wellbeing was not being thought of in that setting. The second was really sort of almost a continuation of that, as a brand an innovation consultant I spent an awful lot of time in other peoples offices and I tend to find that in those environments again nutritional wellbeing was not being considered. They are high-pressure environments. There's an awful lot of long hours as a consultant and companies were not providing healthy options for their employees. This obviously meant that you had to leave the building or bring your own snacks and on those busy mornings there were many times where that was forgotten and you were left with unhealthy alternatives.

What sets Healthy Nibbles apart from other mindful snack companies?
We're an award-winning healthy snacks service for corporate and community. We deliver this service through vending, office boxes, white-label box solutions, wholesale and some new product development work for specific clients through employee nutritional consultancy.

Our vending machines have been developed with the specific goals in mind so they are connected to the Internet, they're 100 percent cashless. We have a wheelchair user display option, they provide nutritional and allergen information prior to a purchase been made. And we also have the ability for people that are using the machine to search the product range based on their dietary profile.

We have snack boxes that are delivered to companies ranging from a small office of five employees all the way through to delivering 20000 snacks across 500 boxes to 500 different locations throughout the country. I would also say that our product range is something that we're really proud of. We have over 350 products listed currently and they meet all the sort of major dietary requirements and we're constantly evolving that offering.

We've tried to make sure that they're price sensitive too because we want healthy options to be affordable, and affordable to the masses. And that is really really important to us. I would also say that what sets us apart is our passion around making sure that healthy choices are readily available there and easy to do and that we can actually make a tangible difference with the companies that were working with.

What are some of your favourite healthy snacks?
At Healthy Nibbles we have over 350 different healthy snacks. So it's really hard to try and pinpoint some favourite ones. I must say I personally am partial to raw chocolate. We have a few brands in so we have quite a lot of choice even in that as far as different formulas, different textures and flavours and flavour combinations which is really exciting and keeps boredom at bay. If I am in a mandatory mood then it has to be chilly lentil crisps because they always hit the spot and if I'm on a hike then I would say cold pressed bars. We also have some really amazing high protein low carb bars which are fantastic for post work out at the gym.