April 19, 2016

Yogi & Yousef Dates

We are often asked about the dates we stock in our vending machines and boxes - their taste, texture and sweetness is captivating hearts! Welcome to Yogi & Yousef

// Who are Yogi & Yousef?

Yogi & Yousef pick and package the world’s most delicious dates: soft, sweet and smooth with a caramel-like taste. Ourdates are 100% natural and come straight from the palm tree. They grow in an oasis in the middle of the Arabian desert.

// Tell us why your product unique?
Yogi & Yousef 100% natural dates are known for their soft texture and delicious ‘caramel-like’ taste. They are full of nutrients, such as fibres,
vitamins and minerals. This makes them a healthy alternative to any sweet snack. Our dates are raw, fresh and unprocessed which makes them suitable for
vegans, raw foodists and people with special diets.

// Share the story of how your brand came into being?
Yogi and Yousef are two friends who met at a flower auction in Holland. During his visit Yousef invited Yogi to visit him Saudi Arabia. A few months later Yogi travelled to Yousef’s hometown in Saudi Arabia. Yousef took him to an date palm oasis and let him taste ‘the best dates in the world’. Yogi was surprised by the amazing taste of the dates. After several more visits their friendship grew and they decided to work together to bring this tasty variety of dates to Europe - and thereby sharing the fruit that friendship across cultures can yield!

// Tell us your favorite way to stay healthy?
Starting the day with 3 Yogi&Yousef day in combination with nutritious wholesome foods, and exercising preferably 3 times a week.

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