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Benefits of Corporate Gifting

Employee perks are the perfect way to show your employees that you care about them.

In the age of flexible working, many employers are finding perks more challenging. Buying the whole office breakfast in the morning doesn't quite have the same ring to it when 70% of staff miss out because they're working from home.

Flexible perk solutions are the new norm, and the benefits of our snack boxes are endless.


Employee Wellbeing

The first, and arguably most important benefit of Healthy Nibbles, is that your employees will receive nutritious foods from ethical and sustainable brands. Diabetes and obesity are continually on the rise, and workplace interventions are becoming increasingly commonplace.

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Employee Loyalty

Food perks are great, but they are not always ideal for those with specific dietary requirements. Our snack boxes cater to keto, vegan, gluten-free, free-from and high-protein diets so that everyone can get involved in the tasty treats!