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Benefits of Employee Snack Boxes

Snack boxes are the perfect employee pick-me-up and treat for a special event or occasion. We've already discussed their impact on employee wellbeing and employee loyalty in the previous blog - but the benefits of healthy snack boxes just keep coming! 


Delivery to multiple offices

As the number of employees grows, so too does the difficulty of offering perks in a hassle-free manner. We work with organisations nationally and internationally to provide snacks on a large scale. We can deliver in as little as two working days (depending on order volume and location).


Custom Branded Solutions and Premium Swag

We offer custom branded solutions - from the snacks that go inside the box, to the branding on the outside of it. This custom branding can be accompanied by curated gifts such as drinkwear, wearble tech, wine and productivity gifts. Desiign a one-of-a-kind box with our People's Chamption who will curate a thoughtful gifting experience, not to be forgotten!