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Benefits of Healthy Nibbles Micromarkets

From snacks to hot meals and tasty beverage choices, Micromarkets make it easy for your employees to reach healthy options without any of the hassle.


Entirely Modular Solution

Micromarkets can be entirely custom built to suit as many people as required. Typically, they cater for between 50 - 5,000 people and can be fully custom branded in line with the organisation.


Cost Efficient

The days of office canteens are behind us. This has been amplified post-pandemic, with over 40% of businesses closing office kitchen facilities. Micromarkets are entirely self-service, so there is no need for catering employees round the clock.


Safe and Distanced

Say goodbye to the afternoon canteen rush! Micromarkets are available 24/7, so employees can grab a snack, meal or drink whenever they feel like it rather than waiting for canteen opening times. Better yet, they have the choice to pay via the self-service machine or on the mobile app, reducing queue times and allowing for a more even distribution of employees throughout the day.