January 05, 2019

About Manchester Fertility Clinic

Manchester Fertility is an award-winning fertility clinic, specialising in IVF and fertility treatment. Over 5,000 babies have been born thanks to their skilled and devoted team. Offering only the highest level of expertise, each treatment is tailored to the patient.

Investing in the latest technology ensures that patients receive the most advanced and modern treatment to provide optimal results.

With a caring team of nurses, patient advisors, counsellors and clinic staff, Manchester Fertility provide full support at every step of the way.

"As health and wellbeing plays a huge role in every fertility journey, it made sense for us to  provide our patients with access to nutritious snacks whenever they visit the clinic.

Healthy Nibbles has a fantastic selection of snacks and drinks, so there really is something for everyone. The interactive display makes it easy to choose what you'd like, particularly for those with special dietary requirements.

This has been a very worthwhile addition for both patients and staff alike"

Samantha Slack – Donor Programme Team Leader

Net Promotor Score: 9/10

The Healthy Nibbles Solution

When Healthy Nibbles first spoke with Manchester Fertility, they were looking to have both healthy and some non-healthy treats in the same machine. With over 350 products available, Healthy Nibbles carries a wide range of ‘step change items’. These are healthier alternatives to traditional high sugar, high salt and saturated fat products.

Healthy Nibbles took all the requirements into consideration to curate a machine which offers a variety of indulgent, healthy snacks, without compromising on taste.

How Healthy Nibbles Helped

Healthy Nibbles provides full service healthy vending, an exceptional product range and the ability to view full nutritional and allergen information prior to purchase.

The curated assortment of 50 snack choices was developed to suit the requirements of employees and patients. Displaying full product nutritional information allows consumers to keep track of their diet and choose products based on dietary preference (Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Sugar & Nut Free).  

User experience is fuss-free with cashless payment and multi-buy functionality.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Healthy Nibbles work closely with Manchester Fertility to provide high quality, functional foods that support employee/patient health and wellbeing. By constantly evolving the product range, consumers can look forward to new product introductions and promotions.

Questions? Call us

We're here to help. Call us and speak with a Wellbeing Specialist who will answer any questions you might have. T: 0333 123 8575

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