Case Study: Network Rail.

April 23, 2019

About Network Rail

Network Rail own and operate the railway infrastructure in England, Wales and Scotland on behalf of the nation.

Our staff work round-the-clock to provide a safe, reliable experience for the millions using Europe’s fastest-growing railway each day.

We employ 36,600 people directly and support a further 117,750 jobs throughout the UK.  We aspire to make the best use of our people’s talent and capabilities in order to provide real opportunities for their professional development; making network rail an employer of choice. 

“We discovered that one of the issues staff have is that they would like the opportunity of purchasing healthy snacks rather than the usual chocolate and crisps as these do not cater for people with specific allergies or specific living stiles like gluten free or vegan lifestyles.

Since installing the machines, we have had a lot of positive feedback and a very positive experience with Healthy Nibbles. As a result, we are continually looking to install more of their machines.”

 Danny Hawkins – High Speed Station Manager

Net Promotor Score: 10/10

The Healthy Nibbles Solution

Network Rail approached Healthy Nibbles as they were keen to improve their vending and snack offering.

From the outset it was important that Healthy Nibbles were able to offer a wide range of snacks that supported employee wellbeing and provided options for different dietary requirements, whilst ensuring taste was a top priority.

Healthy Nibbles took all requirements into consideration before enabling Network Rail to provide their employees with round-the-clock access to healthy alternatives.

How Healthy Nibbles Helped

Healthy Nibbles provides full service healthy vending including maintenance, an exceptional product range and the ability to view full nutritional and allergen information prior to purchase.

The curated assortment of up to 50 snack choices was developed to suit the requirements of employees inclusively. Displaying full product nutritional information allows consumers to keep track of their diet and choose products based on dietary preference (Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Sugar & Nut Free).  

User experience is fuss-free with cashless payment and multi-buy functionality.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Healthy Nibbles work closely with Network Rail to provide high quality, functional foods that support employee health and wellbeing. By constantly evolving the product range, consumers can look forward to new product introductions and promotions.

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