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6 tips for employees to improve their diet in the workplace

In the UK, employees spend over a third of their lives in the workplace. This means a third – if not more – of our calories are consumed in the workplace. One of the key spheres of our lives where quality nutrition can make a tangible difference to health and wellness is at work.

Within many workplaces snacks are easily available. But if we look at the amount of healthy snacks that are available, this can be much harder to come by without the employer themselves making a conscious effort. 

Fast food chains, corner shops, supermarkets and vending machines all provide quick snacking options, although many of these are unhealthy, high in fat, and high in sugar. This is why companies need to revolutionise their offering for employees if they want to reap long-term rewards.

A healthy diet has been proven to improve mental health as well being the key contributing factor in improving general physical health, reducing absenteeism and promoting productivity at work. With 97 million work days lost in the UK each year due to poor diet, the importance of nutritional snacking at work goes far beyond the individual.

According to Monique Piderit, a Registered Dietitian who works in the corporate sector (particularly in the field of wellness), here are the top tips for employees to monitor their wellness at work.

  • Be aware of everything that you are eating and drinking during working hours. Yes, you are under pressure, but every calorie, and every nutrient still counts just the same. 
  • Take note of your eating habits at work, especially those triggered by workplace stress and pressure. If you find yourself routinely buying a packet of crisps or a chocolate from the vending machine around the corner from your desk every time the going gets tough, it’s time to change your habits and make better choices that will really help you to feel better and not fall into a 3pm slump. 
  • If your healthy eating choices are limited by what’s available around you at or in close proximity to work, consider taking charge and preparing your own daily healthy lunchbox. It is actually not as much work as you may think, and it can be cost-saving too. When you get the balance of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals right in your lunchbox, you’ve aligned your workplace nutrition with your healthy lifestyle goals.
  • Declare an outright ban on sugary drinks in the workplace which are often all too easily available. Make water your first port of call, with decaffeinated teas in the mix.
  • Stock up on nutrient-dense, fresh fruit, veg and nuts that are so easy to snack right at your desk. If possible, stock the fridge at work, or choose long-lasting fresh produce options like citrus or bananas that can sit on your desk all week long.
  • Keep easy options at hand like whole wheat/high fibre crackers, salt-free and sugar-free peanut butter and protein balls or bars. These foods can keep for weeks at a time.

At Healthy Nibbles, we believe in wellness; at home, on the move and within the workplace at a corporate level. Our vending machines are the highest tech on the market and allow the user to select products based on dietary and even allergen requirements. Our office snack boxes also give members of the workforce the freedom to make a healthier choice when snacking throughout the day. And our bespoke and curated services ensure flexible options designed to align with your employee wellbeing strategy, so you really have nothing to lose when you contact us to arrange a meeting