Did you know that 40% of cancers are lifestyle related?

April 16, 2019

In line with figures released by Cancer Research UK (CRUK), Dr Katrina Brown confirms that 4 in every 10 cases of cancer could be prevented through lifestyle changes such as:

  • Stopping smoking
  • Keeping a healthy weight
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Enjoying the sun safely
  • Avoiding certain substances at work
  • Preventing against certain infections
  • Limiting alcohol consumption

In support, The Guardian claims that each week more than 2,500 of the cancer cases that occur are avoidable. Whilst explaining that cancer survival is improving, they highlight the fact that the rate at which new cancer cases appear in the UK has risen by 7% in the last ten years.

Considering the current ageing population, in line with the rate at which our population is growing, this figure is expected rise by a further 2% each year; making prevention extremely important.

Worth also noting is that, despite the smoking rate in the UK falling by around 1% each year, it remains the largest preventative cause; accounting for just over 15% of all cases. Following this, the weight of our nation is reported to be a growing concern, and the reason behind 6.3% of cancer cases.

New research published in the British Journal of Cancer also reveals that drinking alcohol, having a low-fibre diet and infections such as HPV, each account for just over 3% - with exposure to substances at work causing almost 4%. Air pollution and the eating of processed meat then follow, accounting for less than 2% of cases.

“What we are talking about here is at the population level: what we can’t do is say for any individual person what their risk is,” said Sir Harpal Kumar, chief executive for CRUK. “We can’t for example say if you don’t smoke you won’t get cancer, neither can we say if you do smoke you will get cancer, because these things are affected by other factors.”

Prevention is not a promise.

Yet what we can do is help stack the odds in our favour. We can make a conscious effort to eliminate the impact a situation of cause and effect can have.

At Healthy Nibbles, we believe that if we can influence people to choose healthy alternatives, we are successful. This is also the fundamental reason why you won’t see any ‘pretend’ healthy products offered by us. From frequent healthy snack drops to bespoke rewards, gifts, mini bar and conference solutions, we have health at the forefront. We are committed and enable healthier choices through the creation of healthy snack boxes and vending; curated from a range of 350 snacks and drinks that deliver results. Further, our snack boxes are inclusive in that they can be formulated to suit any number of people, drop frequency and dietary requirement.

The perfect solution to keeping your employees healthy and fuelled with nutrient rich foods.

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