Goal Setting, Growth Mindsets, And What Businesses Can Learn From Sport

September 20, 2018

In business, it is easy to get caught up in short termist thinking, focussing on small issues in the day-to-day that have little impact on the bigger picture. Likewise, it can be easy to ignore the smaller things in an organisation while trying to focus too much on a long-term end goal. This is why effective and strategic goal setting can be the driving force behind the success of an organisation or team.


Goal setting is seen frequently in areas away from business, such as top-level sport. Looking at famous examples such as Jessica Ennis and her coach Toni Minichello – who managed and delivered on their own and the UK’s expectations in 2012 at the Olympic games. Their strategy of goal setting ties into the growth mindset concept we see top business-people such as Matthew Syed and Richard Branson, in that long-term goals (to win the Olympic Games) can only be met by the continuous collection or ‘marginal gains’ – short-term goals (to run faster, or jump further on a given day).


At Healthy Nibbles, we see goal setting as crucial to our day to day operations and long-term goals, and it defines how the business operates. Giving staff daily, weekly, or monthly goals as well as constantly being flexible to changing environments allows us (and other businesses) to reach their long-term goals financially and scale-wise.


Targets should be SMART – a concept preached in sport and business.


S – Specific: To sell an exact number of a given product

M – Measurable: Can this be measured easily

A – Agreed Upon: Crucially, as in any organisation, communication is key. Staff and management must have agreed upon the goal that has been set

R – Realistic: Short-term or Long-term, there is no use in setting a goal which can simply never be met. It reduces motivation to even attempt the task at hand

T – Time Based: It must be controlled by time. For example, over the course of a month, a member of a team must have achieved their set goal


Encouraging a growth mindset and goal setting to business and even in our field – to health, is a recognised way of gaining substantial improvements. Furthermore, meeting and reaching goals adds huge motivation to a group of people and improves the atmosphere surrounding an organisation.

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