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Growth mindset and corporate wellness

“Growth mindset” is a term used by many top business people and life coaches to describe an attitude to life of aiming to constantly better your; business, life or wealth each day. Matthew Syed, author of ‘Black Box Thinking’, has pioneered and expanded the meaning of the phrase and believes it is crucial to all facets of life, while Richard Branson state the phrase “explained his world” and explained how he aimed to run his businesses.

In a business context, this means “being willing to learn, being happy to make mistakes, being eager to experiment”. Being happy to make mistakes and willing to accept and learn from failure is one of Branson’s key steps to success in life and business, and is pivotal to Syed’s Black Box Thinking. Both feel that too often, talented people have fixed mindsets and are unwilling or unable to make the necessary changes to improve themselves or their businesses.

The idea of a growth mindset comes into the sector of Corporate Wellness in a number of ways. First of all, the status quo and current attitude toward nutrition seems to be negligent at best, which contributes to the £17Billion annual cost to the UK economy from poor employee eating habits, compounded by the fact that employees are 66% more likely to experience a loss in productivity as a result of poor diet. Having a growth mindset as a business owner points towards investing in corporate wellness and being willing to think outside the box to gain the best from their workforce.

Similarly, from an individual point of view, looking to better yourself and change your own habits to benefit one's own health is another facet of a growth mindset. Trying to better yourself each day can come in the way of work, relationships or health and wellbeing, this is why at Healthy Nibbles we provide convenient, healthy and nutritionally certified snacks to make self-growth as simple as possible for our consumers.

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