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A holistic approach to corporate wellbeing

Improving corporate wellbeing, and wellbeing in general, is a founding principal of Healthy Nibbles. However, the issue of ensuring staff are healthy and well-looked after still appears to be a ground-breaking concept to many businesses. “Employees are a company's greatest asset - they're your competitive advantage” is a quote from Anne Mulachy, the pioneering former CEO of Xerox Corporation. This is something we at Healthy Nibbles passionately believe. By investing in the happiness, well-being, and health of employees, businesses will receive the highest level of productivity and commitment from them in return. Conversely, by not providing a wellbeing programme, we have the situation we see today – where absenteeism costs the UK’s economy £340 billion per year, along with 97 million lost working days due to poor diets.

This is why top companies such as Unilever offer a ‘holistic approach’ to corporate wellbeing. Holistic in philosophy is the belief that the elements of something are intimately interconnected and understandable only by reference to the whole being. The same goes for medicine – in that a holistic approach to medicine takes into account mental, physical and social factors for why someone may be feeling a certain way. When applied to wellness this simply means looking after the whole person.

Unilever and other such companies break their wellness strategy into three areas that are aimed to provide support and benefit for all aspects of a person’s life. These are; mental health, lifestyle factors (I.E – Diet, alcohol consumption, smoking, and exercise), and ergonomic factors (I.E – Physical health problems such as a long-standing injury or illness). Treating an employee’s wellness holistically means that all factors are addressed and treated in connection with one another. For example, looking at our own research into mental health and diet – a person may be feeling down and lethargic because of a lack of quality nutrition. Furthermore, the term ‘agile working’ has been used in conjunction with this wellness policy, an idea which implies that as long as the needs of the business are met then a person may be flexible with time spent in the office as well as providing them with safe and adaptable working practices.

Looking more explicitly at the nutritional side of holistic wellness, research has recently shown that diseases such as type 2 diabetes can be put into remission through the following of a specific diet. We see nutrition as one of the key principles of wellness, as you can see from this blog, and previous studies, alongside the current publications in the media – nutrition effects mental health, physical health, your performance at work and even long-term illness.

At Healthy Nibbles, we provide the ability for business to enable healthier options for their staff through our revolutionary vending solutions and white label snack offerings. For any further details on this please contact us