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How to Cater for a Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid working is rapidly becoming the new normal and whilst the benefits for employees are clear, for those managing on-site services, there are challenges to overcome. Sara Roberts, Founder of Healthy Nibbles explores how the hybrid model impacts the way that food is made available and consumed and the steps businesses can take to embrace sustainable catering.

Healthy Nibbles’ partner Just Eat for Business surveyed over 170 businesses and foundthat the companies, which included startups and large corporations, were happy to embrace a hybrid culture, but were searching for ways to help their team stay connected while remote, with many turning to food to bridge the gap. 81% of businesses believe it’s important to provide parity to in-office and at-home staff and food plays a huge role in this, with two thirds of employees believing eating lunch together as a team develops a great work culture.

From inconsistent occupancy to remote employees the challenges are evident; food delivery modes that allow easy access to food regardless of time, supporting the health and wellbeing of employees, food waste and environmental challenges to managing an array of dietary requirements. It is time for food service to be re-imagined.


Micro Markets – the employee canteen of the future

Micro markets contain smart fridges and freezers stocked with healthy food brands across chilled, frozen meals, healthy snacks and barista grade coffee. Modular, with the ability to support workforces of 50 to over 5000, backed by globally leading technology, they offer the best in self-service convenience, open 24/7 - not only reducing queues but complementing a hybrid model.

Last year, Healthy Nibbles launched Wellness Hubs, sourcing from impact-driven brands such as Mindful Chef and Modern Standard coffee, delivering high-quality food to fuel health and performance. All products have been benchmarked against 15+ UK and international nutritional standards, as well as against the B Corp impact assessment to ensure true workplace wellness and sustainability is considered.

Perhaps most timely is the ability to understand real time consumption; meaning food is available on-demand with little to no food waste.

 Healthy Nibbles Micro Market - The Wellness Hub

Healthy Vending

Vending has undergone a revolution; gone are the days of dirty machines, stocking unhealthy products, pitted with inconsistent delivery. Healthy vending opens a world of exciting brands, supported by best-in-class technology to deliver a new kind of vending solution.

Healthy Nibbles are at the epicentre of this industry transformation. Machines provide up to 50 options with full nutritional and allergy information searchable prior to purchase, catering for 14 allergen requirements, gluten free, vegan, keto and high protein. Featuring an accessible design, machines include a wheelchair user setting with lowered eye level on the touchscreen and raised delivery bin.

Snack Experiences, Delivered

52% of the companies surveyed by Just Eat for Business sought food boxes as a way of supporting a remote workforce. Whilst a brilliant solution, care needs to be taken to mitigate environmental impact and cater to a wide variety of dietary requirements.

Experts at high volume, high personalisation sustainable snack box and gift experiences, Healthy Nibbles transitioned to fully sustainable packaging in 2020; using recycled materials, that are in turn recyclable at kerbside, plastic free and made with water-based inks.

Sustainable delivery, environmentally conscious snacks and packaging, created to suit the individual and occasion, the boxes can truly reflect the company culture and brand, providing an opportunity to reflect and build community.

 Healthy Nibbles Team Catering

Food Gift Cards

Another huge growth area through the pandemic is food gift cards, with over 55% of businesses using them to connect teams. Healthy Nibbles have witnessed a growth of 300% over the last 12 months with a variety of personal redemption channels; from individual gift cards to client landing pages with messages and the opportunity for each employee to make a personal selection.

As with hybrid working, there really isn’t a rulebook. Flexibility and health are going to be key drivers in any food and beverage solution, both in the short and longer-term, as cities, businesses and homes continue to undergo a seismic shift in response to Covid19. Workplace wellness will assume its rightful position as a seat at the board table, moving away from a fragmented and siloed discipline to one that underpins business, with nutrition, mental health, overall wellness, sustainability and impact all playing a vital role.

Find out more about all the ways that we can help tosupport your employees health and wellbeing in and out of the office. From micro markets and healthy vending machines, to healthy snack boxes and wellbeing consultancy.Get in touch with our team today.

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