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How to Get the Most Out of Your Lockdown Workouts

With gyms and fitness centres closed across the nation, for many of us, our normal exercise regimes and daily routines have been totally thrown out of the window. In many ways, lockdown is the perfect time to jump on the fitness bandwagon, however research by the University College London (2021) has recently found that two fifths of us are doing less exercise and watching more TV that lockdown 1.0. With a more positive work/life balance that allows us to factor in that extra bit of time for a daily workout, whether it’s before work, on your lunchbreak or in the evening, it’s really worthwhile doing. Aside from the obvious, that an active lifestyle contributes to increased physical health, exercising also produces much-needed serotonin, helping to elevate mood and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Exercise enhances productivity, clears the mind and allows you to feel ready to tackle the day. There are several things you can be doing to ensure you’re feeling energised and motivated to get the most out of your workout: 

  1. Schedule your fitness activity into your day and stick to it. If you go to bed thinking ‘Maybe I’ll go for a run in the morning, or maybe at lunch…’, chances are, you’re probably not going to go. Make a decision on what time of the day works best for you, lay out your fitness gear so you can see it and just do it. You’ll feel a million times better for it afterwards - even if it feels like you’ve committed to climbing Mount Everest!
  2. Include your household. It will be beneficial for everyone to get out and exercise, it’ll boost morale, and will allow you to connect whilst having fun! Plus, it gives you the encouragement you need to get out and about if you’ve scheduled in a group activity.
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of body weight exercises. If you usually lift weights in the gym, opt for the same exercises but increase intensity by doing more reps, decreasing rest time and introducing variations. You don’t need a gym to exercise effectively or even to build muscle!
  4. If you want to add weights, why not use household items to build resistance to your workouts? Use cans of beans or bottles of wine for weights, use the stairs for your leg workout or piggyback your kids when squatting! You can get as creative as you like here.
  5. Keep your brain sharp to stay motivated. Let fresh air into the house, stay hydrated and avoid putting on comfy clothes 24/7! If you plan to exercise on your lunch break, it’s going to be way more difficult to say goodbye to your baggy joggers and sweatshirt and hello to your workout clothes. We know all too well.

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