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Lauren Armes: Welltodo

Lauren Armes is a business coach, speaker, writer and entrepreneur. She founded Welltodo, a global industry network for the wellness industry, in 2014.

Welltodo is now respected as a definitive voice for the business of wellness, spotlighting innovation and trends, case studies and insights. Welltodo helps people to build incredible businesses and careers in the wellness industry – through its events, recruitment and coaching services, and more.

As well as coaching some of the industry's most respected entrepreneurs and influencers, Lauren has been featured as an industry expert on BBC series The Apprentice, as well as by The Times, Evening Standard, Glamour, Red, Cosmopolitan and Women's Health.


Tell our audience about Welltodo and where the idea came from.

Welltodo is a global resource for entrepreneurs and professionals in the wellness industry. Our mission is to provide our audience with the insights and tools they need to foster innovation, spark growth and connect with consumers in more meaningful ways. We do that through our website, our events and our business services – which include consulting and recruitment.

It all stemmed from an original desire I had to, quite simply, start a business in the wellness industry. After researching and speaking with some of the early movers in this space in London, I realised that there was no central point to find resources, information and connect with other founders and industry professionals. I was also fascinated by the growth of wellness and the amount of opportunity that existed from a business and growth perspective. So I launched Welltodo as a blog, with a focus on the business of wellness, rather than the lifestyle. It grew from there.

Your events aim to inspire, educate and share ideas. Where does your own personal inspiration come from?   

I’m inspired by anyone who takes the leap of faith required to start a business. The wellness industry is fuelled by incredibly passionate, driven individuals and my mission is to create efficiencies for them so that they can focus on what they do best. That’s why we created our events; so that the industry could come together to form partnerships, share ideas, inspire one another and share in the challenges faced along the way. The results are fundamentally what inspires me; seeing people realise ways to go to the next level.

You’re also a business coach. What three bits of advice would you give to an entrepreneur just starting out on their path?

Invest in yourself – including personal development and discovery, as awareness really is the greatest asset. Build a strong team – not just your employees but also your advisors, service providers and other stakeholders. Find ways to enjoy the ride without being too bogged down in constant growth – always remember that business should be a force for good, for your customers and for the greater global community.

What have been the highs of lows since founding Welltodo in 2014?

There have been many – it really is a rollercoaster ride! The highs have been building an incredible team, getting to a stage where my husband could leave his job and join the business, being able to travel and work remotely from my home country (Australia), and seeing the impacts of what we do on our community and customers. There have, of course, also been lows – the challenges of self-funding and being revenue-driven, navigating the growth of an industry that is, in many ways, still in its infancy…and also balancing ambitious goals with a desire to take a more gentle approach to business, rather than glorifying being busy!

What wellness taboos are still problematic in 2020, and how are you pushing to change them?

There are a few, which we plan to unpack at our Welltodo Summit in 2020. Sexual wellness, financial wellness and inclusivity in the wellness industry are just some of the problems. But we are seeing some incredible, innovative and disruptive companies opening up a dialogue about these topics and creating change. It’s an exciting time!

And finally, what wellness products or services are you loving at the moment?

I am fascinated by personalised nutrition and have been trialing an AI-driven product called Bioniq, which provides you with your own supplement based on blood test results and analysis. I am exploring more plant-based brands and am intrigued by the meat-alternative market as climate change comes to the forefront. And finally, any brands that have purpose and sustainability at their core, are always on my radar!

To see the empire Lauren has built head on over to Welltodo