July 01, 2016

If you're looking for something to bring on the go and full of protein I think we have the right brand for you! Stript! These guys are making a delicious Irish beef and we are very proud to have them in our boxes and in our vending machines. They told us everything about them, let's have a look at their amazing story.


// Who are Stript?

Stript Snacks is a small start-up company making healthy snacks to people leading active lifestyles. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Stript provides one of the most tender Biltong’s available in the U.K, by using premium cuts of fully traceable, 100% grass fed, Irish beef.


// Tell us why your product / product range is unique?

Unlike other brands, we don’t add any of the bad stuff. We’ve ‘Stript’ the Biltong of all sugar and preservatives, leaving behind a meat snack that is high in protein (13g per pack), low calorie (61 kcal per pack), gluten free and paleo friendly.


// Share the story of how your brand came into being?

Living in South Africa, M.D. Ross McDowell came across biltong as a mouth-watering local delicacy. He also discovered it was the perfect, natural fuel for his adrenaline filled lifestyle; from scaling the famous Table Mountain to tackling the Cape’s unforgiving surf. Upon returning to his native Ireland, Ross’ adventures continued, this time in the kitchen. Experimenting with quality Irish beef, flavour combinations and perfecting drying techniques, Ross created Stript, a natural, high-protein source of fuel for the active and adventurous.


// Tell us your favourite way to stay healthy?

In the Stript Snacks office, we always stay active. Ross is a keen runner and surfer and recently has taken up CrossFit. Niall, who looks after the marketing, is a rugby player and trains with both CrossFit and standard weights sessions in the gym. It is important for us as a brand to not just preach health and well-being, but to live it too. This makes it much easier for us to connect with our consumers and brand ambassadors. 

For more information you can go on their website

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