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A 2020 report by the Waste and Resources Action Programme has shown that British households are wasting 4.5m tonnes of food every year. This is an estimated £14b per year - equivalent to £700 for the average family with children. So, why do people still perceive going green as something that’s only suitable for eco warriors, or that its going to be difficult, or expensive? This really isn’t the case – breaking away from our old habits can lead us to save money and make more sustainable choices that will have a long-lasting positive impact on the beautiful planet on which we live.

Following on from our last blog on ‘David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet’, we thought it would be beneficial to go over some easy changes that can be applied to your everyday routine to make it that bit more eco-friendly. These are so effortless, you won’t even notice, but will make a positive impact.

In terms of food waste, planning ahead is key. Avoid impulse buys in the supermarket, and stick to your list of planned meals and ingredients. Make sure to check what you have at home before you buy more perishables. Do you really need more potatoes? 4.4 million are wasted in the UK daily. Don’t throw them out if they’ve started to sprout little shoots, just chop these bits off. If you only need a couple of carrots then don’t buy the whole bag!

Buying loose products is a great way to ensure that you don’t overbuy – you can buy exactly the amount that you need, whilst avoiding the use of plastic. Most supermarkets now provide paper bags for this, but even better, head to your local zero waste store. Increasingly popular, you can buy pretty much any product here - from pasta, legumes and grains, to herbs, spices and cleaning products! Bring your own containers, and fill up to your desired weight.

Organise your meal schedule around what products are going to expire first, or designate one meal a week to bits and bobs in your fridge that could otherwise get overlooked. This is actually a really fun way to create your own recipes, and you can have a play around with various spices and herbs to see what works! A soup is always a good idea here, as you can always use up any leftover veggies or cheese to create something super nutritious and delicious. If you’ve already had all of your meals for the week, it doesn’t matter. Make the soup and pop it into the freezer for a quick and wholesome meal option the following week. No waste necessary!

On the move, you can easily make changes to minimise your impact on the environment. Never buy plastic bottles – buy a one-off metal water bottle that you can carry around in your bag all day. It’s cheaper in the long run, and it’ll stay colder for longer. The same goes for coffee cups – in the UK we get through 2.5b per year. We know you may not want to give up your daily cuppa en route to work, so bring a reusable cup to cut waste. Lastly, keep a reusable tote in your bag, just incase you have to nip to the shops on the way home.

These steps are just the beginning. There’s really so much more we could be doing to be kinder to our planet – but it’s a good place to start. As a sustainable business, it is at the forefront of our mission to operate with the least negative impact on the planet, people or animals. That’s why we recycle everything, use recyclable packaging and have a zero food waste policy. Nothing goes in the bin.