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Team Reflections - How 9 Became 200

At this time of year it is not uncommon to reflect on the previous year, and at Healthy Nibbles we are no different.

This week has consisted of company and team reflections, reviewing data, client feedback and achievements. As a founder, it was particularly brilliant to see evidence that our internal culture is not simply ‘words on the wall’ but at the very heart of who we are as a team.

We have a phrase, ‘difficult for us, easy for our customers’. Whilst I am still not entirely happy with the words (it makes it sound like our clients are an ordeal, which is far from the truth), the essence is that we go the extra mile. The client experience should be easy, seamless, stress free and ALWAYS tailored to suit the individual requirements. Reviewing 2020 demonstrated just how true this ethos is within our team.

Let me share a case in point - In 2019 we had 3 Christmas hamper options. Recognising that there were different needs in 2020, we launched 9 Christmas hampers. Reviewing the proposals and client projects for Christmas hampers over the last quarter of 2020, the Healthy Nibbles team delivered over 200 variations of Christmas hamper to in excess of 20 countries including Peru, South Africa, India and many European countries. From mini token gifts to stunning big budget, high impact hampers, delivered on budget, on time and to an incredibly high standard.

It was thrilling to see the variety of products from ethical, sustainable brands – the most delicious truffles, the best in organic vegan prosecco, indulgent bath salts and body butter, hand poured candles, plants, games and corporate gifts. The results speak for themselves from the feedback we have received over the last few days;

“The team at Healthy Nibbles helped provide a custom gift box solution for our clients. Clear communication throughout, meeting our tight deadlines whilst maintaining exceptional quality throughout.”

“Healthy Nibbles is wonderful! Very easy and efficient, there is no need to look for ideas and no struggle with deliveries, they do it all for you!”

“A fantastic partner with flexible and bespoke corporate kits. The team are super helpful and nothing is too bigger task.”

In a world where ‘off the shelf’ takes centre stage and personal service is seen as a luxury, we are proud to be bucking the trend and intend on maintaining our culture at scale.

If you would like us to support your team, clients or event, don’t hesitate to get in touch - hello@healthynibbles.co.uk.