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The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

With sustainability deeply rooted in our philosophy, Earth Day is something close to our heart here at Healthy Nibbles. This year marks the 50th anniversary of this annual event, and we are celebrating by reflecting on some of our environment-related wins and giving you some examples of Earth Day resolutions that can help you to be kinder to the planet today, and in the future. 

At Healthy Nibbles, we’re proud to partner with Tree App, and in the past four months, we have planted a total of 200 trees across 10 different countries. Our work with Tree App aims to contribute to long-term reforestation projects to rehabilitate species that are at risk of extinction, restore woodlands and help local communities. Planting 200 trees means that we have, among other victories, offset 56 tons of carbon throughout the trees' lifespans and provided a habitat for around 5 species of mammals and thousands of insects, invertebrates and micro-animals

We also work with ChangeWorks Recycling, and since 2018, we have recycled over 6 tonnes of cardboard, 13.5kg of cans, 295kg of paper, and 13.5kg of plastic bottles. This means that since January 2018, we've saved the same amount of carbon that a truck would produce by driving 3,790.4km!  

These are just a few of the efforts we make to keep sustainability at the forefront of all of our business operations.  

To make Earth Day a real success, we all need to do our bit and we’ve came up with three simple resolutions that you can implement today:

1. Skip the car 

Try cycling or walking to your destination if it’s near, or take public transport if it’s far. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and get in some exercise after spending so much time working from your home office (a win-win if you ask us!)

2. Remember your reusable bags 

We all know the struggle of getting to the supermarket and realizing that you’ve forgotten your reusable bags! But did you know that single use plastic bags have a landfill lifespan of 400-1000 years. So, keep some extra reusable bags in the car, or in your pockets, just in case!

3. Rebel against fast consumption  

It’s nice to have new things, but we don’t need to buy new things all the time. When you need to buy new clothes, try buying from local retailers rather than fast fashion giants. Or even check out some websites where you can buy second-hand clothes, like Vinted or Depop 

Get creative with your resolutions and try to come up with some of your own. We’d love to hear them! You can tag us in your ideas on Instagram or TwitterHappy Earth Day!