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The Impact of Healthy Snacking on your workforce

As the world opens up again and employees return to the office, they’re finding that some of the changes brought about by the pandemic are here to stay. The ‘new normal’ means hand sanitiser, masks and social distancing. It doesn’t mean shared croissants in meeting rooms, help-yourself cakes on the side or workplace breakfast buffets laid on prior to logging on.

That, of course, is if they even return to the office at all. With flexible and remote working set to stay for many, employers may find it harder to offer workplace perks. 


Why do Employees Need Perks? 

Employers already earn a salary, why should they need anything else? Well, because in the new normal, a salary is the minimum an employee should receive. When an employee feels valued by their employer, they are more likely to produce their best work and go the extra mile. This means that the employer sees them as a human being, not only investing in them with a salary, but also by investing in their development and offering perks to enhance their wellbeing.  

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A report into workplace satisfaction at Google by Mark Crowley concludes that ‘people truly thrive in their jobs – and remain loyal to them – when they feel fully supported and authentically valued’. That is backed up by aGlassdoor survey, which found that 57% of respondents actively consider workplace perks and benefits before accepting a job offer.   

While employee perks are important in attracting and retaining top talent, their benefit to the employer is wide-ranging. By keeping their workforce happy, employees are more likely to enjoy their work and increase their productivity. If an employer can also keep their workforce healthy, then productivity is set to increase further through enhanced cognitive function and fewer sick days.  


What is Healthy Snacking? 

Food fuels the body with energy. For the seven hours or more that an employee is working, their energy levels are kept in check by what they eat and drink, which then determines how well they perform at a work task. While breakfast, lunch and dinner are staples for most, the majority of employees snack throughout the day to satisfy their hunger. 

Though chocolate and sweets are often abundant in the workplace, such foods are not ideal for keeping employees at the top of their game. The high sugar levels in such snacks initially raises blood glucose levels to give an energy boost, but such a boost soon wears off and actually diminishes the energy levels in the long-term. Research has found a 66% loss of productivity in workers for the hour after they consume an unhealthy snack. 


In contrast, healthy snacking options keep blood glucose levels at a steady state while also providing the nutrients to keep the body sharp, the mind alert and mood high.Numerous studies have found that healthy snacking improves brain function and memory, enhancing the output of employees and creating a more engaged workforce. 


Is Healthy Snacking Needed? 

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In one word ‘yes’. 97 million workdays are lost each yearin the UKdue to poor employee diets. As you’ve already read, healthy snacking can be a game-changer. And right now, employees need it more than ever. For many, lockdown has had a big impact on diet.Research by Theobald and White found that 27% of respondents felt they had been eating less healthily during lockdown, while 29% said they were less active than usual. Considering that prior to lockdown64.965% of employees reported that they did not have a healthy diet, those statistics don’t make for great reading.   

As employees continue to work from home, the unhealthy eating habits that they may have developed will persist. In many cases, employees are working for longer hours with fewer breaks, meaning that they can go for hours without eating. When they do eat, they may grab whatever is quick, convenient, and easy to eat at their home desk. 

Two-thirds of a person’s daily calories are typically consumed when they’re working. Ensuring that employees are stocked up with healthyfood and snacks is therefore vital in keeping them nourished and healthy so they can continue to supercharge your business. 


Why Healthy Nibbles? 

Healthy Nibbles are on a mission to keep your team happy, healthy and double awesome. Our vending solutions, micro markets and wide range of snack boxes cater to a variety of tastes and dietary requirements,so there’s something for everyone. Having Healthy Nibbles solutions in reachmeans that you can retain a well-fuelled, productive workforce in the long-term. 

At Healthy Nibbles, we want to make sure that our snacks aren’t just good for you and your workforce. We want them to also be good for the planet. That’s why we value our ethical supply chain, are seeking to remove all products containing palm oil by the end of the year and use no genetically modified products. 


Employees Who Eat Together, Stay Together 

 Since the prehistoric era, eating has been a social event. And so it remains, even if that happens to be over Zoom or Teams. Providing healthy snacks for your employees creates a better workplace culture while also strengthening existing social bonds.Research from the University of Oxford confirmed that the more often people eat with others, the more likely they are to feel happy and satisfied with their lives, as well as embed themselves within the community.  

So create your new normal within the workplace – both in the office and virtually – while also boosting productivity and employee wellbeing. Make your employees feel valued by seeing what ouraward-winning Healthy Nibbles solutions can do for your business.Get in touch with our team today.

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