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What are Healthy Nibbles MicroMarkets

Micromarkets are our innovative solution to workplace wellness.

Simply, they are a self-service unmanned retail area in the office, which bring your team an exciting array of delicious and nutritious food options (and fresh coffee mustn’t forget that!) within a quick, low-touch self-service experience.  

Barista-grade coffee 

This one is for the coffee-lovers. Some folks take their coffee very seriously, and we’re all in too - from our barista-grade machine engineering, through to understanding the supply chain for coffee, tea and cacao (particularly as these items are high impact in terms of the environment.)  

Smart fridge options to make the heart sing 

Our micromarkets contain smart fridges stocked with healthy food brands across chilled, frozen meals and snacks all chosen to meet nutritional standards for ingredients such as salt and sugar as benchmarked by UK best practice.   

Loose snacks 

It’s crunch-time - and we’re not talking crisps. Wave goodbye to trans and hydrogenated fats and hello to healthy-habit inducing options like trail mix and yoghurt raisins. Prepped and ready to go in individually portion controlled bags. 


Workplace Micromarket



Some key features of our MicroMarkets:  

  • Cater for 50-5000 people:Globally leading technology for the best in self-service convenience. 
  • 24 hour self-service: Reduces catering queues and works well for flexible working patterns. 
  • Contactless payment:Swipe and go. No opening hours required.
  • 1000+ products: Healthy Nibbles curate a range to suit your place of education, workplace or community from 1000+ SKUs 
  • Keep the hot meal option: With grab and go frozen meal kits all you need is a microwave to be able to offer hot meal flexibility on site. 
  • UK-wide servicing: Real time data feeds ensure you’re stocked up with everyone’s favourites in a smart way that minimises unnecessary miles.  
  • Fully customised solution:From food choices to custom branding and design options. 

Loved by many businesses, our Micromarkets fit in perfectly during the return-to-work transition – especially now that almost40% of all offices are closing kitchens and canteens upon return.  


If you’re interested in learning more about our MicroMarkets,click here to get in touch.