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What are Micromarkets?

Micromarkets are our innovative solution to workplace wellness.

With diabetes and obesity a growing problem, many employers are searching for ways to make choosing greatness more convenient. Our tech-enabled innovation, which also aims to address the need for relevant, customisable concepts, delivered in a socially distanced environment, comes at a time when businesses are being forced to think differently about the delivery of health and wellness offerings.


Micromarkets bring your team an array of food options across fresh, frozen, snacks and coffee within a quick, low-touch self-service experience. We use only globally leading technology in order to bring your team only the best in self-service convenience.

Micromarkets are entirely self service, so you don’t need to worry about staff. Customers can either download the 365 app to checkout, or they can use the self-service interface. Everything is available 24/7 so that everyone, regardless of their working pattern, can have access to healthy and delicious snacking options. We also provide UK-wide servicing and use real time data feeds to ensure that you are stocked up with everyone's favourites in a smart way that minimises unnecessary miles.

As featured in WelltoDo, an essential resource for global wellness industry news, insights and trends. 

Flexibility and health are going to be key drivers in any F&B solution, both in the short and longer-term, as cities, businesses and homes continue to undergo a seismic shift in response to COVID-19.”

Sara Roberts – Founder, Healthy Nibbles