What relates to 80% of GP visits?

April 08, 2019

Whilst invisible to the naked eye, stress - described by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the global health epidemic of the 21st Century - is everywhere. In business specifically, it is a construct we cannot escape, and one that does not diminish at the end of a business day. This is due to the ease of communicating with contacts from anywhere and at any time, using the small handheld device most of us keep in our pockets. The effect of this is that, for many, it is nearly impossible to switch off.

In the past, many have accepted stress as simply being unable to explain. More recently however, many have worked hard to quantify the term; having acknowledged the true physical impact it has on not just our bodies but long-term health also. Recent work published in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimates that up to 80% of daily cases seen by a GP are in fact stress related. Awarding millennial's with the title of ‘the most stressed-out generation’.

In contrast however, we are also a generation that places a greater focus on healthy living than any before. The difference being that the way in which we direct our approach to achieving health has changed. An interesting finding reported by Forbes is that healthy living is no longer about GP visits but online content instead. Strikingly “93% of millennials' do not schedule preventive healthcare visits with their insurance-provided primary care physicians. Instead, they utilise urgent care facilities if they get sick, access medical advice online and choose to read health blogs for information on health-related matters instead”. This is due to the convenience of what is available to us online nowadays without having to step away from our desks. Also appearing standard in business, is that employees want and to a degree expect health benefits to be provided by their employers.

Dr Chatterjee recently wrote and released 'The Stress Solution', a book with the aim of not only highlighting how big a problem stress is but to also provide people with tools to help combat it. 

Dr Mithu Storoni, has also written the book 'Stress Proof' to raise awareness of the hidden impact of stress on our health. Having read more than 1,000 academic publications in order to better explain the exact impact stress has on our bodies and what we can do to combat this, there is one that reports very interesting results. It has been identified that if you are in a job where you are made to feel inferior and you receive the cold virus through your nose, then you are much more likely to catch a fully-functioning cold from it than if you are in a job where you are not treated as inferior. The reason for this reportedly being a result of the powerful potent impact that all stress, including emotional stress, can have on our immune system.

Linked to various conditions including type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia to name a few, whether you think you are stressed or not, it is absolutely critical nowadays to have a strategy in place to help deal with stress in order to optimise wellbeing.

This is where our team at Healthy Nibbles can help.

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The perfect solution to keeping your employees fuelled with nutritious food.

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