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Why 'Choose Greatness'?

When Healthy Nibbles began, our goal was simply to make healthy snacking more accessible.

Since then, we’ve grown rapidly into so much more – an innovative industry-leader in the healthy snacking sector.  

We believe that healthy snacking should always be easy and that health & wellbeing information should be readily accessible for all. 

We are building a sustainable and inclusive brand. We care deeply about our own people; about our suppliers and the health of their businesses; about our customers and their health and wellbeing; and about the environment we all live in together. 

That’s why we chose the tagline ‘Choose Greatness’. 


What does “Choose Greatness” represent?

For our customers, it represents choosing to live better, eat better and ultimately feel better; whether that is individually or as a team.

For our supply chain, it reflects our commitment to fair agreements, collaboration, supporting up and coming producers, acting transparently.

For us, it represents leadership, choosing great product partners, delivering great service, and continuing to remain true to our commitment never to negatively impact the planet or its people.

Healthy Nibbles founder, Sara Roberts, said:

“We are absolutely delighted with the new look and feel of Healthy Nibbles. Since launching our first product; a healthy vending machine in 2015, the business has come a long way, both in our product range, but also in our commitment to sustainability and impact. Having a platform that enables us to communicate this in a strong and transparent way is excellent.”

We sell healthy snacks, but we go the extra mile by providing excellent customer service, holistic wellbeing advice and engaging content for free. We are constantly innovating and looking for new ways to make maintaining the healthy lifestyle they’ve chosen easier and more rewarding for the customers who choose Healthy Nibbles.