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Why ‘David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet’ Is A Hard-Hitting Must-Watch

At 94 years of age, Sir David Attenborough has spent his whole adult life inspiring the masses, by bringing the wonders of wildlife to millions of living rooms across the globe, so that we at home can observe the great beauty of the natural world. The British nature historian has narrated nature documentaries for 66 years - since the 50s, when commercial air travel permitted him to fly to the most remote parts of the globe. With over 100 documentaries, from ‘Blue Planet’, to ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Africa’, none have been quite as hard-hitting and eye-opening as ‘A Life On Our Planet’. This particular documentary is a reflection of his lifetime experiences, with a focus on the devastating changes he has witnessed as a result of human-interference with the environment.

As humans, we are buying, building and breeding at an unsustainable rate, and, in the process, ripping the planet of all of its natural resources. With a crisis in the natural world and a 60% decline in the number of vertebrate animals since 1970, Attenborough delivers a clear warning to viewers – the planet is a ticking time bomb and we must change our ways now, or face a 6th mass extinction.

At home we can make various lifestyle changes to be more sustainable, such as going plastic-free, reducing our meat-consumption, striving for zero-waste, choosing second-hand or sustainable clothing options, and by buying local. However, the bigger picture is this: 100 companies are responsible for 71% of emissions globally, and have been since 1988.

From day one, it has been the mission of Healthy Nibbles operate as a sustainable business and we are working towards our B-Corp accreditation. We commit to operating with the least negative impact on the planet, people or animals through our supply chain, processes and systems. This means that:

  • We have benchmarked everything that we use in our business, from water, to power and waste. We set to incrementally reduce this month by month, year by year. We only use lighting, heating and water as necessary to keep good working conditions for employees.
  • We operate a zero-waste policy. Any of our products that are nearing their expiration date are donated to The Trussell Trust, a charity that works to stop UK hunger and poverty.
  • We made the necessary shift from plastic to biodegradable cello-tape, and our boxes are always recycled AND fully recyclable. We are committed to being paperless, but on the rare occasion that this isn’t possible, we use acid-free paper.
  • We never use palm oil, and we know exactly where our cacao and coffee comes from – we only work with brands who ensure sustainable farming practices, and where the supply chain can be traced right back to the start.

All of our decisions are made with sustainability in mind, and we are always looking for ways to improve. The next step for us is to hire a sustainability specialist to ensure that we aren’t missing a beat. Although we do everything we can as a company, this is not an individual battle.

All is not lost - Attenborough leaves us with a message of hope for future generations. We have time to stop and even undo some of the damage we as humans have caused to the planet, but we must work together globally to do so. We must slow the growth of the global population, shift to renewable energy, rebuild biodiversity, reduce the space we use for agricultural farming to make room for the wilderness, and we must halt deforestation. As a company, all of our decisions are made with sustainability and the environment in mind, but this is a battle we must all face together.