World's Top 10 Healthiest Cities

November 26, 2018

At Healthy Nibbles, we understand that the global picture of health and attitudes towards healthy eating is changing for the better. From a business point of view in such a booming industry, it is also important to assess global factors and trends when it comes to strategic decision making. Earlier in the year, we looked at the UK’s healthiest cities, with cities such as York, Edinburgh and Bath topping the list – no real surprises there.


With this in mind, we took the time to research the top 10 healthiest cities worldwide, and there were some surprising results. The ranking is based on a report that studied over 89 of the largest cities worldwide. Cities were judged on ten criteria including annual sunshine hours, life expectancy, work-life balance, air, and water quality and annual holidays. Amsterdam in the Netherlands was ranked first on the list. Although in recent years it has been seen by parts of our society as a partying hotspot, Amsterdam is one of the cleanest cities in the world and excelled in the work/life balance of the report. Europe as a whole has 8 of the top 10 healthiest cities, while the UK’s first entry to the list is in 40th place. You can see the full list below:


1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
2. Oslo, Norway
3. Munich, Germany
4. Rotterdam, Netherlands
5. Berlin, Germany
6. Tallinn, Estonia
7. Vienna, Austria
8. Adelaide, Australia
9. Helsinki, Finland
10. Perth, Australia


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