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ZENB: Bettering your Mood via Nature

We recently caught up with ZENB to talk top tips for bettering your mood via nature, wherever you are. As lockdown seems never-ending and we're sometimes struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it can be difficult to motivate ourselves to get outdoors. But, for 85% of Brits, nature is the best way to relieve stress. 

That’s not all, as research commissioned by ZENB, in partnership with Goldsmiths University of London, shows that different natural settings can evoke an array of positive emotions to help boost our wellbeing.

In fact, it was found that blue environments such as the sea, rivers and lakes are most likely to create positive emotions of inspiration (52%) and happiness (68%). Meanwhile woodland settings offer clarity (46%), mountainous landscapes spark feelings of optimism (46%) and open settings such as meadows and fields create excitement (30%).

Despite this, unfortunately, only a fifth (19%) of adults manage to spend an hour or more of their time outside during the working day. So, with lockdown in full swing, here are some of ZENB’s top tips on how to use bites of nature to better your mood, whenever and wherever:

  1. Time in any natural setting can boost your mood, wellbeing and self-reported creativity so spend extra time outside where you can, this may only need be a 10-minute walk around the local park but enjoy this time for yourself with no distractions from technology
  2. Any time you can spend experiencing nature can help - even a snack sized break in your day – if your schedule is packed try micro doses of just three minutes every few hours
  3. If you’re unable to leave the house, take a few minutes for yourself each day and try immersing yourself in a short (or long, if you have time) video of natural landscapes as these can have similar positive effects
  4. Whether you’re getting out into nature or watching videos, choose scenes that you love and which are novel to further boost the positive effects
  5. If possible, position your work from home set up near the window, to ensure you’ve got lots of natural light during the day

Fresh air and natural light always works wonders - make the most of the spring weather and hang on in there for the next few months. Although it doesn't feel like it sometimes, there really is light at the end of the tunnel.