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Supplier Spotlights: 5th Season

We love working with 5th Season. Not only do they have a product that tastes incredible and is great for you, but they also work to support rural farming communities, donating 1p of every pack sold to Farm Africa. Learn about their powerful story in our Q&A with their Co-Founder Stuart. 

Who are 5th Season? 

5th Season is a 100% fruit snacking brand based on the modern freeze-drying process. Our delicious fruit range consists of whole strawberries, pineapple chunks and a fruit salad mix (strawberries, banana and apple).

We have a simple mission - to get people eating more fruit and by doing so to tackle the issues of obesity and diseases associated with not achieving 5-a-day. We love fresh fruit, but understand that it's not always convenient to eat on-the-go when you have to consider seasonality, preparation, shelf life, refrigeration, need for cutlery and mess. We take all this away and offer “FRUIT WITHOUT THE FUSS!”.

We also wanted to make sure that our brand does good in the wider community. We have therefore partnered with Farm Africa and for every pack of 5th Season that we sell, we donate to their charitable causes. In year one of our partnership we aim to raise a minimum of £8,000. So by munching on 5th Season, it is not only good for your health but also supports farmers in Eastern Africa to sustainably increase their yields and grow their agricultural businesses, to support themselves and their families.

How did the business begin?

5th Season was founded by myself (Stuart) and Tiffany. We have worked in some of the unhealthiest food categories but have always has a passion for fruit. We originally met whilst skiing where we discussed how difficult it is to consume five portions of fruit and vegetables every day when you’re busy and working full time. From this meeting the idea for 5th Season started..

After an initial review of the market it was clear that very few fruit snacks are genuinely healthy or actually look like fruit. This is especially important to Tiffany, who as a mother of three, wants her kids to grow up knowing what real fruit looks, feels and tastes like. We then set about creating our own fruit snacks and landed on freeze-drying as this method is scientifically proven to be nutritionally superior to anything else.

What makes your product unique?

5th Season is differentiated in the market through the innovative freeze-drying method we use. There are four key benefits of 5th Season.

1. We are only ever 100% fruit with nothing else added. No added sugar, fat/palm oil, flavourings or preservatives.

2. Our fruit retains its shape and doesn’t shrivel up – our whole strawberries are still whole strawberries!

3. The low processing temperature of freeze-drying means the fruit still has the look and taste of fresh fruit.

4. Most importantly it retains more nutrients than any other drying process. 90% of the nutrients are retained in the pack for 18 months. This makes us the only true alternative to fresh fruit

Our bright and bold branding also appeals to both adults and children, which makes us the perfect family-friendly snack. We primarily target time-poor young professionals, but naturally this demographic are also parents. Kids love 5th Season because they feel like they are getting a sweet treat, but their parents know that they are eating just 100% fruit with no added nasties! 

5th Season Snack Boxes

How does the company like to keep healthy?

Naturally, everyone in the company enjoys great tasting, wholesome food and likes to stay healthy. Tiffany and I originally met skiing (I have to admit she is far better than me!), but it turns out that everyone in the team enjoys skiing. Unlike most companies, we fight over holidays in Jan/Feb rather than the summer months!

We also have a few sports professionals amongst us. Ward, our Commercial Director, played hockey at national level for The Netherlands. Brigitte, 5th Season’s Online Manager is super cool and is a keen surfer and yoga instructor alongside her skills on the piste!

Which one 5th Season snack would you recommend as a must-try?

I would have to say our Whole Strawberries. Although they are not my personal favourite (although still totally delicious!), it demonstrates the benefits of freeze-dried fruit so well. People are always surprised that our strawberries are still whole and haven’t loss their shape – they don’t shrivel up like raisins. This makes them very photogenic and our Instagram fans love adding them to their breakfast, whether porridge, granola or pancakes.  

If you haven't tried 5th Season, what are you waiting for? Fresh, healthy and delicious is an ideal combination for a snack. Order one of our healthy snack boxes today and try 5th Season for yourself.