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Supplier Spotlight: Creative Nature

Creative Nature shape their brand philosophy around ensuring their products are both healthy and tasty. Their award-winning snack bars come in a variety of delicious flavours and meet an array of nutritional requirements, so we naturally had to find out more about how they came to be. 

Who are Creative Nature?

We are a fresh, young team, led by our inspirational young owner, Julianne Ponan. We're really passionate about using our premium superfood ingredients to create innovative, great tasting products and are so happy when you enjoy eating them as much as we've enjoyed creating them!

What makes you unique?
Our products are completely unique, because we think outside the box and innovate, rather than just follow the herd. That's why, when everyone else was using dates and cashews to make cold-pressed bars, we decided to do things differently; use higher quality ingredients, including our awesome nutrient-rich superfoods, not fill the bars with dates and nuts, and focus on getting the taste just right. We've now won 3 Great Taste Gold Star Awards, which is more than any other cold-pressed snack range, so we must be doing something right!

Share the story of how your brand came into being?

At 22, Julianne Ponan found Creative Nature in a very bad way, with lots of debt, not making any money and with no real future. But there was a name, and she had a vision. By creating the product range around her own dietary requirements, including the launch of the "tastiest cold-pressed bar range ever made", Julianne imprinted her own personality on the brand. She had a vision from suffering with anaphylaxis to nuts and other additives to create a product that is the solution to this and has spent the last 4 years making her vision a reality. We are now stocked nationwide in Healthy Nibbles, Ocado and Lloyds Pharmacy as well as high end stores like Sourced Market and Gymbox. There is so much more to come from Creative Nature, so please join us on our superfood journey and help us make clean eating, simple!

What is your favourite way to stay healthy? 

There are loads of things I do, with the most obvious being to use all our products in my diet! I start the day with a maca powder, banana, chia seed and oat milk smoothie, then make sure I have some of our snack bars throughout the day to keep me going. I do love a bit of Zumba to get me going for the day! Matt our ops guy stays fit by working in the warehouse as often as he can, doing a lot of heavy lifting and running around. It's so easy to find ways to do physical exercise that doesn't involve the tedium of going on a treadmill.

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