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Supplier Spotlight: Prodigy Snacks

We all love chocolate - but imagine a delicious bar that is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, has no refined sugars, with plastic-free packaging. And it's delicious! Sound impossible? To us, it sounds just like Prodigy Snacks. 

Who are Prodigy Snacks?

Prodigy Snacks are a ‘Better for you / Better for the Planet’, chocolate brand that prides itself on its all natural and premium ingredients and puts sustainability at the heart of its’ proposition. The Prodigy vision is to reinvent all of the classic chocolate bars that we all grew up with and loved but removing all of the unnecessary ingredients that cause damage to our bodies and the planet, like refined sugar, palm oil and dairy. Prodigy bars are also completely plant-based and certified vegan, and have plastic-free/compostable packaging, but above all – they taste GREAT!

How did the business begin?

Sameer, our founder trained as a chef originally and then went into industry in Africa challenged to develop a family trading business. Over years, he built a successful business in confectionary, gums, biscuits sectors – always by trying to bring a new angle to existing status quo.  For example – he created chocolate that was available locally as most Nigerian children would never have tried chocolate, even though Nigeria is a cacao growing region.  He brought bold brands to market where previously the sector was commoditised.

As part of that industry, he visited many suppliers including sugar refineries and saw first-hand the industrial refined and mass produced ingredients for lowest cost production. After he sold the business, and as a self-confessed chocoholic, he set out to find a way to deliver the chocolate hit we all love but in a healthier, more sustainable way. 

Ultimately Sameer knew what ingredients he wanted to include (and crucially to EXCLUDE) from his chocolate for the future. When he shared this with a food manufacturing friend, he realised he was effectively trying to re-invent chocolate…hence THIS IS CHOCOLATE – REBORN.

What makes you unique?

As well as being a superbly smooth tasting chocolate, what makes Prodigy unique, is the combination of being fully plant-based, vegan, gluten & refined sugar-free, nutrient rich, and wrapped in plastic-free wrappers.

How does the Prodigy Snacks team like to keep healthy?

Tennis, running, gym, boxing classes, swimming, walking to work, dog walking, 5-a-side football, and team yoga are all frequently partaken in by the small but close-knit team at Prodigy!

Prodigy Snack Bars with Healthy Nibbles

Which one Prodigy snack would you recommend as a must-try? 

The brand new, Prodigy Peanut & Caramel Cahoots chocolate bar is a real showstopper. It’s the classic combination of chocolate, peanut & caramel, all natural and no naughties. Go nuts and try it; you won't be disappointed!

Need more healthy snacking ideas? Take the guess work out of shopping and discover our best treats when you order a snack box today.