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Supplier Spotlight: Rhythm108

Rhythm108 are all about combining tasty treats with nutritional and organic ingredients. And even cooler - their products are made in a bakery in the Swiss Alps by trained patissiers. They've truly managed to make indulgent snacking guilt-free. 

Who are Rhythm108?

We’re a bunch of Yogi-Patissiers, making Real Food from The Yogi’s ancient secrets in a small cave in the Swiss Alps!  We wanted to bring back the creativity into healthy eating, so we re-invented our favourite treats with a healthy twist so we didn’t have to miss out on the fun!  Through our pure ingredients, nutritious recipes, and a lot of heart and soul – we have brought back the authenticity we all grew up with, to the new urban life!

How did the business begin? 

Rhythm108 started from a personal need and a desire to contribute positively to make a change. A few years ago Siddhi was working in the city. Working long hours meant eating out often, and not long after, Siddhi’s health started deteriorating. After searching for healthy products, she found that most products out there were disguised as healthy but were in fact pushing a lot of refined sugars and processed ingredients (we’ve all seen those packs with pictures of almonds on the front that only contain 2% almonds!) 

Through Rhythm108 and using old family recipes, Siddhi created a food company for the 21st century – one that respects customers by giving them excellent products, respects the environment, and respects farmers.  We’ve come a long way since we started selling at a farmer’s market, gaining nationwide distribution in Switzerland, Holland, and now the UK.  We’ve started sourcing ingredients directly from sustainable and responsible farms, and we will start our packaging upcycling program later this year. We’ve launched our healthy spin on Tea Biscuits. Essentially, we want to become a brand that consumers and farmers can trust. 

What makes you unique? 

Our Good-for-You Dessert Bars come in your favourite dessert flavours and are the only bars that can be warmed up, just like a good dessert (think 4pm in the office with a cup of tea!). 

Our Dessert Bars are gluten-free, made with simple, whole and healthy ingredients, and organic certified as well as a powerhouse of nutrition: they are a good source of fibre and calcium. We create that hit of flavour by sourcing the best ingredients and pairing them together to elevate taste. From Peruvian cacao paste to Sicilian lemon zest, you’ll never find flavourings, preservatives, or any nasties in our recipes.

How does the Rhythm108 team like to keep healthy?

We’re from the Swiss Alps, so naturally back country skiing in the winter, and yoga, hiking, and climbing in the summer!  Also, eating great food, made with wholesome ingredients!

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