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Supplier Spotlight: Snact

Time for our Supplier Spotlight! We're delighted to showcase Snact, one of our suppliers with an amazing story. Snact fight against food waste by making all those fruit snacts from "ugly fruits" - a great snack for you and a great business for the planet. 

Who are Snact?

We are a sustainable snack brand that empowers you to make a positive act toward a better food system every time you snack on our product: fruit jerky. 

What makes you unique?

We make healthy, tasty snacks from surplus produce - that's produce that would otherwise be thrown away for being too big, too small, too ugly, or simply too abundant. Tonnes of perfectly good fruit and vegetables get rejected before reaching shop shelves in the UK. We turn that surplus into healthy snacks that contribute to one of your five a day. Our tasty fruit jerky is made with 100% fruit, and absolutely nothing else! It’s vegan, gluten-free, and contains less than 65kcal per bag - which makes it the perfect mid-morning or afternoon snack. You can choose from three flavours: apple & mango, apple & raspberry, and apple, blueberry, & banana.

Share the story of how your brand came into being

Snact was started by two lifelong friends, Ilana and Michael. They realised they shared an interest in food and sustainability, and in 2013 began collecting surplus fruit from London markets and making fruit jerky in a rented kitchen… Two and a half years later, they are saving fruit by the tonne (rather than by the kilo), and have an even bigger hunger for making a positive impact.

What is your favourite way to stay healthy?

We believe in positive strategies. Snacking is such a good example - rather than trying not to do it at all, eating more fruit in whatever form (fresh, dried, juiced, smoothied, or fruit jerkied!) in between meals helps us stay awake, focused, and happy. We call our philosophy Snactivism - what we love about food is that lots of little things can collectively have a massive impact. It was important for us to make our snacks from just fruit and only fruit, which ensures they are good for you - and an additional benefit is that with every snack, you make a positive act towards a better, greener, and fairer food system.

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