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Supplier Spotlight: Bio&Me

Bio&Me is gut-friendly, delicious and EFSA approved. With an exciting range of granolas, mueslis and porridges to choose from, you'll never have to opt for a boring breakfast again!

Tell us about Bio&Me?  

Bio&Me was created by Dr Megan Rossi, The Gut Health Doctor.  Our first product range contains five gut-loving prebiotic granolas - Apple & Cinnamon; Raspberry & Beetroot; Cocoa & Coconut; Super Seedy & Nutty; and our Low Sugar, Naturally flavour. And we’ve just unveiled our four new gut-loving prebiotic products – two porridges (Apple & Cinnamon and Super Seedy & Nutty) and two mueslis (Fruit & Nut and Super Seedy & Nutty) to the range.

Dr Megan recommends that we all aim to eat 30 diverse plant-based foods each week, which is why each of our products contain up to 16 different plant-based ingredients.  Which not only help your gut biome thrive - but crucially also taste absolutely delicious – which is a concept we call “Delicious Diversity”. 

How did the business begin? 

Bio&Me was created by Dr Megan Rossi, The Gut Health Doctor, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist.  Who was inspired by the questions and needs of her 250,000 followers, to bring clarity and credibility to the world of gut health, and the result was to create the only granola, porridge and mueslis around that is credibility 'good for your gut' - we've got approval from EFSA and everything (that's the European Food Safety Authority, who thoroughly checks that health claims are based on scientific evidence). 

What makes your product unique? 

First of all, Bio&Me was designed to be uniquely good for your gut – and delicious, too.  Secondly, Bio&Me’s is the only granola, porridge and muesli in the UK that can use the EFSA-approved “good for your gut” health claim.

How important is sustainability and impact to Bio&Me? 

Very, our packaging designed to ensure our consumers feel comfortable from a sustainability point of view.  We use 100% recycled material for our cardboard cartons which are also 100% recyclable after use.  It was also for sustainability reasons we disregarded plastic “doypack” pouches as this type of packaging did not fit into our consumer’s sustainability ethos.

Which Bio&Me product would you recommend as a must-try? 

Our new Gut-Loving Apple & Cinnamon porridge as is perfect for these cold January mornings.

You can find Bio&Me in our snack boxes at Healthy Nibbles. Visit our shop to have a browse!