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Supplier Spotlight: Booja-Booja

In the words of Mister Booja-Booja himself: Everyone needs a little Booja-Booja now and then …. We chat to Bridy Parsons from Booja-Booja to find out more.

Who are Booja-Booja?  

Booja-Booja is all about creating delicious moments of pleasure that help brighten the faces of your friends and loved ones…and to occasionally enjoy quietly on your own and smile. Exquisite melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles and scrumptious dairy-free ice creams are our specialty! 

Everything we make is vegan as well as organic and dairy, gluten and soya free. 

We’re a small, independently owned company and we’re passionate about how we go about things. Respect and kindness are close to our hearts and we do our best to be open and honest at all times, building relationships founded on trust and cooperation. 

How did the business begin? 

As Mister Booja-Booja says “Everyone needs a little Booja-Booja now and then”. So, he’s been creating scrumdiddliumptious chocolate truffles for more than 20 years and dreamily delicious Dairy Free Ice Creams since 2007. 

The company has grown along the way but has always been based in Norfolk and still puts the same care and attention as ever into its multi award-winning range. 

Dairy free, organic and vegan from the start, Booja-Booja was and remains a pioneer of vegan yumminess. It’s never gone a year without winning accolades for its delectable treats and now has an impressive 130 awards to its name. 

What makes your product unique?  

We only use a handful of simple, natural ingredients to create our gorgeous chocolate truffles and dairy free ice creams; everything we make is vegan and organic and we don’t use any additives, stabilisers or preservatives. 

Each chocolate truffle and ice cream in our irresistible range has its own distinctively delicious character. There’s something for everyone from smooth, aromatic Around Midnight Espresso to chewy gooey Almond Salted Caramel. 

We also love playful tickles of joy along the way...just because life is more fun like that. And this gentle playfulness inevitably bubbles its way into our products. 

Booja Booja Truffles

How does the company like to keep healthy?  

We are big believers in balance and moderation and understand that being healthy means something different to everyone. Visit Booja-Booja HQ at lunchtime and you’ll find some of us enjoying a brisk walk in the surrounding countryside while others enjoy a cup of tea with a truffle, or two! 

Every year we have summer parties that combine yummy food with a bit of outdoor fun. We’ve tried our hand at all sorts from treasure-hunting to kayaking, abseiling to archery. Outside of working hours we like to keep fit too. Running, football, yoga, climbing, tennis and CrossFit are just some of the ways our team members stay healthy when they’re not creating a little Booja-Booja magic. 

Which one Booja-Booja snack would you recommend as a must-try? 

Booja-Booja Almond Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffles! They’re satisfyingly sweet and chewy, made with Sicilian almonds and the perfect hint of Cornish sea salt. This truffle flavour has won 22 awards and is a much-loved favourite at Booja HQ and beyond.

Thanks for sharing with us Bridy! They look an amazing Organic vegan treat for this weekend. We'll have to get them in our chocolate treats box? Order yours here.