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Supplier Spotlight: Boostball

We love Boostball here at Healthy Nibbles - from the Raw Choc Brownie balls to the Choc Hazelnut, they really are a delicious treat. They're keto, all natural AND low in sugar.

Tell us about Boostball? 

Boostball is a fantastic company! Its sole purpose is to make yummy, healthy food with natural ingredients in compostable or fully recyclable packaging.

How did the business begin?

We wanted to bring great tasting products and great healthy ingredients together. We saw what was on the market and thought we can do this better! There is no reason that healthy products need to be compromised with horrible dry tastes, there are a lot of delicious ingredients out there and if you just commit to not making as much profit, you can give these to the public at a reasonable price.

To get the name, we wanted to give the healthy snacking category a Boost. The market was saturated with BARS and so we thought why not do Balls. Then we just stuck the names together! Boostball!

What makes your product unique?

I think we are very innovative, and we actually care about giving the customers a really yummy product. Although the better ingredients cost more and there are cheaper alternatives, we would prefer to give the consumer the real McCoy. We are the only high protein snack and Keto ranges on the market in, with 100% natural ingredients in 100% compostable packaging.

We use no palm oil, soya, gluten and have vegan and vegetarian options too.

How important is sustainability and impact to Boostball?

After a great tasting product, sustainability should be the most important thing for any company in 2020! All of our keto and Boostball bites packaging is compostable and you can stick it in a food bin, and our powders and drinks are 100% recyclable, no ifs or buts. The whole wrapper/bottle can be recycled with no requirement of taking off the label etc.

How does the Boostball team like to keep healthy?

Steve the co-founder has 20 years of experience in the health, exercise and nutrition industry. He is very aware of what he puts into his body and trains 1 hour every morning. Running around after 3 kids, a dog and a company keeps him pretty active too.

I (Fran) try and stick as much as possible to a Keto diet, this for me is a really easy diet thanks to our snacks and powders, where I know breakfast, lunch and in between are covered, I just need to cook something delicious for dinner. Combining this with a HIIT workout or run in the morning and picking up my baby every so often also helps!

For Tammy our Marketing Manager, a combination of healthy, natural & nourishing foods that are good for health whilst complimenting a busy lifestyle, combined with regular exercise at least 4x times per week is the solution for her. Fitness includes full body workouts such HIIT sessions, Yoga, weight resistance training, running & walking.  Exercising with others is great for accountability, to better fitness levels & socially brilliant too. Tammy loves to try new activities to encourage the body to move in different ways, recent activities are SUP boarding & Pilates.  Regular meditation is important too. 

Which one Boostball snack would you recommend as a must-try?

Personally, at the moment I would try our Chocolate Hazelnut Keto Balls. These are zero sugar, a great snack if you are on the Keto diet or a low carb, no sugar diet. They are so delicious; it still shocks me that we have created something so yummy with no carbs!

The perfect mid-afternoon or evening treat, and you can find them in our snack boxes at Healthy Nibbles! Order your box today and give them a try...