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Supplier Spotlight: Evolved

Fun, fruity, freeze dried and full of fibre, Evolved Snacks contain less than 5g of sugar, making them the perfect snack for the whole family. We caught up with Evolved to find out a bit more about the business. 

Tell us about Evolved Snacks?

Founded by a Nutritionist, Evolved has given fresh fruit the evolutionary kick it needs to stay fun, convenient and snackable in the 21st Century! To make our innovative snacks, we carefully dice fresh fruit into our bitesize nibbles, before being freeze-dried to preserve the natural taste, colour and nutrients!

How did the business begin?

While studying for a Nutrition degree, Dom (the Founder of Evolved), learned about the shockingly low levels of Fruit and Veg consumption in the UK. After studying the process of freeze-drying, best known for its use by NASA in space voyages, Dom new this was the future of fruit! Evolved was created to make the magic of freeze-drying available to everyone, so that choosing fruit was easier, more exciting and less wasteful than the fresh stuff.

What makes your product unique?

We believe Fruit and Veg is the most important food group on the planet, and yet so few people eat enough of it in the UK today! Unfortunately, the dried-fruit aisle lacks innovation and is often loaded with hidden added sugars! At Evolved, we’re here to change and evolve the dried-fruit market with a range of fun, exciting and contemporary fruit snacks. With the magic of freeze-drying, we remove up to 98% of the fruit’s moisture content, while maintaining the fruits natural taste, colour and nutritional value! By dicing and mixing our fruit, we can offer the taste of candy, the texture of popcorn, all while delivering the goodness of real fruit!

How important is sustainability and impact to Evolved Snacks?

At Evolved, we owe it all to the trees and farmers around the world that grow and pick the delicious fruit we make our snacks from. That’s why we donate 1% of all profits to Tree Aid (www.tree aid.org) to help support communities in the drylands of Africa to plant trees and grow themselves out of poverty.

How does the Evolved Snacks team like to keep healthy?

Luckily, at Evolved HQ, we don’t have to worry too much about not hitting our 5 a day! However, being a small team, we do have to be smart about managing our time. When you absolutely LOVE what you do, you sometimes have to be strict about scheduling regular walks, getting outside and taking some down-time with friends and family.

Which Evolved Snacks snack would you recommend as a must-try?

We currently offer three varieties for different fruity preferences – so take your pick!

Kiwi + Banana (not too tangy)

Strawberry + Blueberry (a little tangy)

Sour Cherry + Blackcurrant (super tangy!)

You can find Evolved in our snack boxes this month at Healthy Nibbles.