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Supplier Spotlight: GIMBER

GIMBER is the perfect organic alternative to any alcoholic drink with its full-flavoured nature and spicy bite - not to mention it's perfect for the whole family! Environmentally friendly, GIMBER's delicious bottles are created using 60% recycled glass (which is also 100% recyclable) meaning you don't need to feel guilty when popping open a bottle.

Who are GIMBER?

GIMBER are a group of enthusiastic food lovers who are on a mission to prove soft drinks no longer have to be bland. The team has grown significantly in the last 18 months, but are still tight knit and brimming with positive vibes!

How did the business begin?

Dimitri Oosterlynck, a person with a big zest for life, always had a busy social calendar, which most often included having drinks. He was fed up with alcoholic, boring or sugary drinks. That's why he started looking for a drink that would satisfy and surprise his taste buds, but he didn’t fine one. After hitting a rough patch in his life, he decided to invest his last bit of money in a ginger press juicer and started experimenting with different ingredients and combinations. And then one day, in November 2017, the perfect mix of ingredients was blended into an irresistibly satisfying concentrate. And the rest is history…

What makes your product unique?

The ingredients are 100% organic and no preservatives or flavour enhancers are used. It’s also the most versatile non-alcoholic drink in the world: it’s delicious with crisp sparkling water, but can also be used in mocktails, cocktails and even cooking recipes. The possibilities are endless!

What nutritional benefits does drinking Gimber provide?

Gingerol is one of the most important components of ginger. It's what gives it its kick and is what gives ginger its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Gingerol lowers cholesterol levels, has a positive effect on digestion and much more.

How does your company like to keep healthy?

A GIMBER a day (or two, or three…!).

Why is your product a must-try?

Gone are the days of alcohol free drinks being bland and full to the brim of sugar. GIMBER is a great alternative, with a ginger fire and bite! Once you’ve tried it you’ll be hooked.

You can find GIMBER in our boxes this month - happy Sober October! But with the month soon coming to a close, this doesn't mean to say your sober life should. GIMBER is the perfect drink for the festive season - it's also amazing hot (great to warm your bones on cold winter nights).