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Supplier Spotlight: Lo Bros

Lo Bros is an exciting gut-loving drinks brand. Plant-based, organic and sustainable, at Healthy Nibbles, we think that Lo Bro's delicious kombucha and gut shots are a win-win.

Tell us about Lo Bros?

Lo Bros is a living drinks brand on a mission to bring drinks to life with our unique range of organic and vegan soft drinks.

Our kombucha is carefully handcrafted in the UK using traditional brewing methods and the finest natural ingredients to ensure there are millions of living cultures in every single bottle or can.

Our range is 100% organic, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. It is also non-alcoholic (<0.5% ABV) and, with its unique, complex flavour profile, makes a perfect alternative to alcoholic beverages. 

How did the business begin?

Lo Bros was started in Australia by Didi Lo and his brother, who started the Soulfresh business 17 years ago, making and selling healthy food & drink back before it became cool! A few years ago, Didi spotted an opportunity to make kombucha in a way that would appeal to mainstream consumers and since that day, we at Soulfresh have been working to perfect our fermentation processes and produce a low sugar kombucha that is full of living cultures and beneficial acids, but at the same time tastes great. Lo Bros quickly became one of the most successful kombucha brands in Australia and New Zealand and in 2018 we decided to take the plunge and start our own brewery and business in the UK. Everything we sell in the UK is locally brewed and bottled, and the UK business is run from our office in central London where we have a small team looking after sales, marketing and all other elements of the business. We have had great fun over the past 2 and a half years trying to play our part in bringing delicious kombucha to the masses in the UK and are really excited about what’s still to come.

What makes your product unique?

Lo Bros kombucha is created by fusing traditional brewing methods with the latest technology. We ferment the finest organic Oolong and Green teas with organic raw sugar, water and a mother culture known as a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), for up to 30 days. This natural fermentation process produces a multitude of beneficial living cultures and enzymes.

The living cultures in Lo Bros Organic Kombucha can help to balance the gut microbiome and aid digestion. At Lo Bros, we never heat pasteurise our kombucha to ensure that the good bacteria remain unharmed and that each bottle is brimming with life.

Unlike many other kombucha drinks, Lo Bros Organic Kombucha is naturally low in sugar, containing less than 1g per 100ml. Sugar is an important part of the kombucha brewing process and we leave just a small amount of sugar in each bottle to ensure that it feeds the beneficial bacteria, keeping them healthy. A little sugar keeps it alive inside! 

How important is sustainability and impact to Lo Bros?

At Soulfresh, we talk a lot about our target consumer being the LOHAS consumer- which stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability- i.e. the consumer who thinks about more than just price and taste when they buy their food and drink. Health & Sustainability are two of the most important factors for this consumer, and every single product that we produce at Soulfresh needs to meet our consumers’ expectations on both fronts. We passionately believe that big changes need to take place in our world, and in our industry, to try and combat the climate crisis, and fortunately there are more and more consumers who are thinking about sustainability when they buy their food and drink. At Lo Bros, we only produce into fully recyclable glass bottles and aluminium cans and we endeavour to make sure all of our packaging can be recycled. When we started looking at launching in the UK, we were clear from the start that a UK brewery was necessary to avoid us having to ship product in from Australia, and we always look to source our ingredients as locally as possible to minimise the environmental impact of making our kombucha. Lo Bros is organic, which means we only source organic ingredients that minimise the harmful impact on our water supplies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have made huge progress in the past couple of years in the food and drink industry but unfortunately we still need to do a lot more- and we are very proud at Lo Bros to be trying hard to do our bit in impacting positive change.

How does the Lo Bros team like to keep healthy?

Our small team in the UK is incredibly close-knit, and we all share a huge love of staying fit and active – often together (pre-Covid of course!) – with many group lunchtime classes at 1Rebel. Plus our Technical Manager Sophie is a triathlon enthusiast, and our General Manager Dom has done many an ultramarathon in his time!

Crucially, we’re all passionate about eating healthily too. Several of the team are vegan and vegetarian, but we all try and eat a healthy diet that is mostly plant-based. Luckily our products make that pretty easy!

Which Lo Bros product would you recommend as a must-try?

Of course we’re biased and think Lo Bros is the best-tasting kombucha around! But if we had to choose our favourites, we’d pick:

  • Ginger & Lemon Kombucha: Our best-selling flavour across the range – this is our signature kombucha
  • Fiery Ginger Gut Shot: Our powerful gut shots combine the benefits of kombucha and good bacteria with immune-boosting fruit & veg juices, and each shot contains over 1 billion living cultures
  • Blueberry Lemonade CBD Kombucha: Combines the dual benefits of kombucha and calm-promoting CBD – the perfect drink for winding down after a busy day

You can find Lo Bros in our Health Boxes, Vegan Boxes, and Gluten Free Boxes this month at Healthy Nibbles!