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Supplier Spotlight: LoveRaw

LoveRaw have created an incredible selection of vegan chocolate options that are suited for all of those with a sweet tooth - not just vegans! LoveRaw aim to prove that vegan chocolate is just as indulgent and delicious as 'normal' chocolate. We think they've done a tremendous job.

Tell us about LoveRaw?

LoveRaw is a vegan chocolate company who makes vegan chocolate that tastes like chocolate chocolate.

How did the business begin?

Once upon a time, we had this crazy idea to make vegan chocolate that tastes like chocolate chocolate. So we grabbed the idea and went with it turning our passion into a business that’s booming. We like challenges, so we used the £600 in our account, hand-made our products and packed up LoveRaw, busting into a meeting with the buyer from Whole Foods Market to change his (and our) lives. Fast forward to 2020 and we’re now a team of 10 across B2B and B2C sales, we secured investment funding after telling the Dragon’s we didn’t like their offer, and we’ve just made vegan snacking history by launching the CRE&M WAFER BAR. We’re not stopping there either, we’ve got big plans for 2021 and we are really excited what the future has in store for LoveRaw.

What makes your product unique?

We make vegan chocolate that tastes like chocolate chocolate, for vegans, and unvegan vegans. We are proud to make a ‘World First’ product with our newest launch of the Cre&m Bar, and we arent stopping there with ‘World First’s’ in the vegan confectionery world, we have many more in the pipeline for 2021. 

How important is sustainability and impact to LoveRaw?
Sustainability and impact is the forefront of all decisions at LoveRaw. It is very important to us as a company and also to each individual that works here. We are in the current process of gaining B-Corp Certification in which we believe highlights our approach & impact to the environment.  love raw healthy snack

How does LowRaw ensure sustainable purchasing of cacao?

We are incredibly passionate about this and all of our Cacao is purchased alongside the Cacao Horizons Foundation which was established in 2015. This was created to scale impact and drive change in cocoa farming communities, creating transparency of premium allocation and ensuring a robust sustainability program is implemented in origin countries. 

How does the LoveRaw team like to keep healthy?
We have weekly in house wellbeing sessions in which all team members take part in an activity. This has ranged from Yoga, to Meditation, Walks, Baking & Dancing sessions.

Which one LoveRaw snack would you recommend as a must-try?
We would have to say our newest product to the LoveRaw family, our Cre&m Bar. We think the reviews and social response speak for themselves… but we urge you to try them (we don’t think you will regret it).

We loooove LoveRaw, and we are so excited to say that you can find these products in our snack boxes! Order one today and give them a try. You won't be dissapointed.