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Supplier Spotlight: Modern Standard Coffee

Here at Healthy Nibbles, we love a cuppa to keep us fuelled through our busy work schedules. For a delicious, reliable, cup of coffee time after time, you can always count on Modern Standard. Ethically sourced, high in quality and unique in flavour, it's always our go to.

Tell us about Modern Standard?

We are a specialty coffee roaster aiming to bring great coffee to everyone. Our coffees are ethically sourced direct from our producers at origin, and we were the first UK roaster to commit to 1% For The Planet, something we are very passionate about.

How did the business begin?

It was an idea I had back in 2012, for a speciality coffee roaster to be scalable and approachable. Back then, the specialty roasters were small and marketed themselves on that, and the big roasters were commercial and the coffees not great. My idea was to aim slap bang in the middle, roasting great coffees that were enjoyable and approachable. I spent another 2-3 years refining the idea before I launched it.

What makes your product unique?

I think we have the right balance of ethics, quality, value and approachability, that goes for the coffee as well as the people who work in the business.

How important is sustainability and impact to Modern Standard?

Very important. Coffee growing is being impacted by climate change, disease and farmers turning their back on the industry. If we focus on climate change and the sustainabiltiy there, it's key that we source from farms that understand the environment that they are in dedicating parts of their farm to growing different trees and crop for diversity. And then if we look at the financial sustainabilty, more and more farms are being left to ruin as for a while, it was financially sustainable to be a coffee farmer. It's imperitateive to pay the right premium for speciality coffee, reward the coffee quality and the efforts gone into that cup from the producer.

How does the Modern Standard team like to keep healthy?

We have a roastery gym, which is well used by the team here. Working in the roastery is quite physically demanding so we are all naturally pretty fit, our head roaster Zak is a qualified personal trainer, so if any of us needs some tips, we tend to lean on him a bit.

Which one Modern Standard product would you recommend as a must-try?

My favourite is the Guatemala Finca San Antonio, it's a super sweet, chocolatey coffee, with notes of citrus. I also love Guatemala as a country; the people, the culture and the food (and of course the coffee!), it's a great place.