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Supplier Spotlight: NOMO

Fully plant-based and free-from the 14 major allergens, NOMO is a burst of caramelly-chocolatey deliciousness. NOMO have changed the vegan chocolate game, so no-one has to miss out!

Tell us about NOMO?  

NOMO is the number one free-from chocolate brand in the UK. NOMO was created to offer a range of products that are completely free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts but also taste incredible. NOMO is for everyone, so no one has to miss out! We currently have 7 delicious flavours of NOMO choc available- Creamy Choc, Dark, Caramel and Sea Salt, Fruit and Crunch, Hazelnot, Caramel and Hazelnot Smooth.

How did the business begin? 

Kinnerton has been synonymous with making chocolate products that are safe for people with allergies since 1999. Since its launch in 2019, NOMO has become the brand leader in Vegan & Free From chocolate, turning mainstream favourites into truly delicious products that can be enjoyed by everyone. NOMO have spent years perfecting the recipe in order to make our firm belief that no one should have to miss out on the taste of great chocolate a reality.

What makes your product unique? 

NOMO is safe for allergen sufferers as it is produced in Kinnerton’s pioneering nut free factory, which makes us particularly unique. Rice powder (dried rice syrup, rice starch, rice flour), cocoa mass, inulin, shea oil, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) are used as alternative ingredients to those containing dairy, gluten and egg. This means that allergy sufferers can enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate without being concerned about traces of nuts.

How important is sustainability and impact to NOMO? 

Very important - NOMO only buys rainforest alliance certified cocoa. The Rainforest Alliance works together with companies, farmers, foresters, communities, and consumers to amplify the voices of farmers and forest communities, improve livelihoods, protect biodiversity, and help people mitigate and adapt to climate change in bold and effective ways. NOMO uses the “mass balance” model of production which allow us to buy more cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, which means that farmers, the environment, and cocoa-growing communities’ benefit. We have also sent zero waste to landfill for the last 8 years and are committed to being part of the solution to making the planet fit for future generations.

How does the NOMO team like to keep healthy? 

Across our sites we run various activities which encourage our employees to stay active and healthy. For example, in our London HQ we have Fruity Thursdays and in the summertime we do weekly team walks, and even team challenges for our charity partners! At the moment many of the NOMO team members are working from home and so we are prioritising our mental health with regular online socials to stay connected. And of course, lots of breaks to get out into the sunshine!

Which NOMO product would you recommend as a must-try? 

We would of course recommend all of them but definitely our newest release, Hazelnot Smooth, which has a melt-in-the-mouth filling that tastes just like hazelnut spread without nuts! It’s so delicious. 

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