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Supplier Spotlight: Nutrilicious

Healthy Nibbles recently caught up with Amit, one of the founders of sustainable business Nutrilicious. Nutrilicious aren't just any pumpkin seeds, they are coated in indulgent chocolate and are the perfect snack when you're craving something sweet, nutricious and nut-free.

Tell us about Nutrilicious?

We’re a small company with a big idea - that it's possible to make genuinely healthy snacks that taste incredibly delicious. Nutrilicious have a range of chocolate coated pumpkin seeds available in 3 mouthwatering flavours: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & White Chocolate.

We coat crunchy pumpkin seeds in a thin layer of delicious Belgian chocolate to create a seriously healthy snack that will satisfy those sweet cravings without all the guilt. We’re committed to making the best possible snacks, so we only use the finest Organic ingredients & nothing artificial.

Our brand is on a mission of doing good through food and our snacks are:

Good for you – Delicious tasting, offering fantastic nutrition with great health benefits and nothing artificial

Good for the planet – Pumpkin seeds are one of the most sustainable source of plant protein in the world and have more protein than chicken, fish and nuts. We also ensure there’s no palm oil in any of our snacks and our packaging is recyclable!

Good for others – Our co-founder is also the co-founder of a UK Registered Charity founded in 2010 that helps disadvantaged children get access to healthcare, shelter, education and food. We support this by donating a percentage of our profits from every bag sold.

How did the business begin?

We’re founded by myself (Amit) and Aadil and we’re best friends who more recently became brothers in law.

I'm Amit, one of the co-founders and I have a nut allergy, which is one of the top 3 allergens in the UK. I'm also very much into healthy eating and fitness so I'm always looking for a healthy snack but most products on the market are either made with loads of artificial ingredients, contain too much sugar or are made using nuts.

My co-founder (Aadil) is also the co-founder of a UK registered charity called The Big Hug Foundation that was founded in 2010 and helps disadvantaged children get access to healthcare, education, shelter and food. We always wanted to go into business together and said whatever we do, we'd make sure we support his charity with a percentage of our company's profits. Food is a passion we share, especially snacking and we always liked pumpkin seeds for their incredible nutritional benefits (they have more protein than chicken, fish & nuts, they're also really low in carbs). They also have a similar crunch to nuts (or so I've been told) and are not a major allergen.

We know things like seeds and nuts can get boring fast, so we felt if we could coat them in chocolate this would definitely make them a lot tastier and something people would want to eat all the time!

We're also very aware of the ridiculous amounts of sugar used in sweet products, or alternative sweeteners so our aim was trying to address the sugar issue without resorting to sweeteners. We decided to keep our ingredients clean & organic and that we'd apply only a thin layer of chocolate to the seeds - this way there won't be too much sugar used, all the seed's benefits are maintained and there's still enough chocolate to satisfy people's sweet cravings.

The results came out great! We have a delicious tasting snack range that people really love and it’s actually good for you!

What makes your product unique?

Our snacks, with clean and organic ingredients, offer some really great nutritional benefits - our snacks are high in plant protein (8g per bag) and only 3g sugar & carbs per bag.

But what really sets us apart from other ‘healthy’ sweet snacks available is we achieve really low levels of sugar & carbs without using any sweeteners such as polyols or sugar alcohols!

How important is sustainability and impact to Nutrilicious?

Sustainability is quite literally at the heart of what we do as our hero ingredient, the pumpkin seed is one of the most sustainable sources of plant protein in the world.

Below is a little comparison for water used and carbon emissions to create 100g of protein from beef, almonds & pumpkin seeds...

Per 100g Of Protein

Pumpkin Seeds



Water Used

40 Litres

4,300 Litres

6,100 Litres

CO2 Emissions




Pumpkin seeds use:

100x less water to almonds, 150x less water to beef, 10x less carbon emissions to almonds and 700x less carbon emissions to beef.

We also switched all of our packaging to a PE recyclable material in March this year. It's something we'd been working on for a while and wanted to find the best possible option. By using this material, we are helping create a circular economy and our packaging actually gets made using a portion of recycled PE material too.

How does the Nutrilicious team like to keep healthy?

Usually this would be a quick answer of visit the gym 3 – 4 times a week following a good routine and a healthy diet of high protein foods with the odd cheat meal from time to time, but with everything going on, it’s definitely become harder.

We’ve had to get creative at home, using bits of furniture stacked on top of each other and watching plenty of youtube videos to learn from others.

Which one Nutrilicious product would you recommend as a must-try?

This is tough as we love all of our flavours equally, but we’d probably say our Dark Chocolate coated pumpkin seeds. They offer a fantastic crunch to go along with the delicious flavour of our Belgian chocolate.

You can find Nutrilicious in all our snack boxes at Healthy Nibbles - delicious, keto, nut-free and full of protein. What's not to love?