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Supplier Spotlight: Ombar

Ombar chocolate is plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, soya-free and free from refined sugar. It's organic, natural and unbelievably delicious.

Tell us about Ombar? 

At Ombar, we’re on a mission to change the way the world sees chocolate. From cheap, sugary junk food, to cacao packed, nutrient dense super bar! We make rich, indulgent chocolate with the finest quality cacao. To preserve it’s many health-giving properties, we keep all the cacao that we use unroasted. And all of the chocolate that we make is certified vegan, organic and fair trade.

How did the business begin?

 It all started in 2007, when Richard, our founder, discovered that the original chocolate ingredient – the humble cacao bean - is a little gem of a superfood with huge health benefits. Dismayed that chocolate had lost its way, Richard vowed to champion good chocolate and put cacao back on top. Things have come a long way since Richard started making chocolate in his small Cambridge kitchen, we’re now sold in 15 countries and have our own purpose-built factory in the Cambridgeshire countryside, but our mission remains at the heart of all we do.

What makes your product unique? 

At Ombarwe believe chocolate can be just as nourishing as it is indulgent, so we up the cacao and add extra nutrient rich ingredients to the mix. We also think it’s time high quality cacao takes the limelight, because while it may be more expensive, the cost on our health, the environment and those who farm it is much less. And unlike most chocolate, we’ve scrapped the refined sugar, dairy and palm fat, and put high quality Ecuadorian nibs centre stage, so you get the true taste of real cacao in every bar and button we make.

How important is sustainability and impact to Ombar?  

Being responsible is vitally important to us. It begins with our operations in Ecuador where we source our cacao direct from small farmer’s coops with the help of our on-the-ground cacao expert, Paola. All of the cacao is grown organically, which we believe is better for our bodies and for the environment and we’re proud to pay more for our cacao than even the fair trade recommended price. We also source coconut sugar from a family-run company in the Philippines who place special emphasis on recruiting and empowering women and local indigenous communities.

How does the Ombar team like to keep healthy? 

We’re a health conscious bunch - often found experimenting with new and interesting superfoods! The team kitchen at Ombar HQ is kept stocked with herbal teas, fresh organic fruit and (naturally) a healthy supply of our own chocolate. Every two weeks there’s also an opportunity for any member of the team to take a relaxing 20 minutes out of their working day and book in with a masseuse who visits our office.  

Which one Ombar product would you recommend as a must-try? 

This year we introduced 2 new flavours to our range: Salt & Nibs – a moreish blend of 64% cacao chocolate, crunchy cacao nibs and salt which is sourced sustainably from the Kalahari Desert, and Centres Hazelnut Truffle – velvety truffle filling encased in our classic 60% chocolate shell. Please don’t make us chose! We’re think they’re both a must-try!

If you have a sweet tooth and always find yourself reaching for a naughty bar of chocolate, reach for Ombar instead. It's ethical and healthy yet indulgent and big on flavour. You can regularly find Ombar in our snack boxes at Healthy Nibbles!