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Supplier Spotlight: SHORE

Founded in 2016, SHORE are a sustainable snack company striving to make a difference through the growing, harvesting and processing of natural Scottish seaweed. Nutritious, tasty and kind on the planet, SHORE ticks all of the boxes!

How did the business begin?

At SHORE, our story began when we recognised a long-forgotten superfood right on our doorstep - the isolated shorelines of Wick in North Scotland. Thanks to our clean waters and strong tides, the seaweed here is some of the finest and most nutritionally dense in the world! It became our mission to turn this nutritious seaweed into everyday tasty products that support healthy eating and inspire clean living.

What makes your product unique?

It is important to us that we are a source for good for our coastal environment and all our seaweed is harvested by hand to ensure our operations are 100% sustainable.

It also goes without saying that Seaweed is super tasty and loaded with umami! Which literally translates to ‘deliciousness’ in Japanese! We have spent ages perfecting our recipes to really bring out the umami in all our products, offering you something unique and utterly morish.

How important is sustainability and impact to Shore?

At SHORE, we are driven by sustainability. Seaweed grows naturally and requires no fertilisers or fresh water, which means our dedicated harvesters can pick the seaweed by hand all year round, allowing for natural reproduction and regrowth of the plants.

How does the Shore team like to keep healthy?

As you might expect, seaweed plays a big part in our diets! With a healthy daily dose of seaweed, we keep ourselves tanked up on all the fantastic nutrients and minerals that seaweed has to offer - especially iodine, which helps us maintain a healthy metabolism for our weekly exercise routines!

Which Shore product would you recommend as a must-try?

We love them all! But if we had to pick one, it would be our Great Taste Award-winning Sweet Sriracha Seaweed Chips. The umami of the seaweed pairs perfectly with the tangy chilli seasoning and once you take that first bite, they’re impossible to resist!