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Supplier Spotlight: The Curators

Tell us about The Curators?

The Curators are a collective of flavour fanatics led by food-loving friends, Max and Ed. Simply put, we love food, and so we set out to create a brand that is all about great flavour and snacks you can as easily share with friends over a cold pint, as you can coming out of the gym after a workout. We are on a mission to champion "British” production and leading the market on innovation, sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our snacks are made with premium ingredients that deliver big bold flavours and available in sustainable packaging that leads the category. From British Silverside Biltong to our Sensationally Seasoned Almonds we are bringing some foodie flair to serious snacks. 

How did the business begin?

Max (Metcalfes & GU Puddings) and Ed (SUSO, L’Oreal etc) both come from a very experienced background in FMCG. They met once while working on a project together, and since bonding over many a steak dinner together, they decided the time was right that they gave it a shot themselves. They viewed their to be a big gap in the market for snacks that not only did good, but also tasted good, and offered consumers something unique. As a result, in January 2018 The Curators was born, and fast forward 2 years and here we are!

What makes your product unique?

Consumers are constantly stuck in the gap between wanting to treat their taste buds, yet also be mindful of their health & nutrition. Sadly, 32% of consumers in our country still believe that healthy snacks taste worse than their more indulgent counterparts….As a brand, we want to take all-natural, premium British ingredients and turn them into flavour-packed, nutritional powerhouses.

Most Protein snacks come with sweeteners, chemicals and long ingredients-decks. The Curators was born to get around this, and bring some serious, natural, chef-designed flavour to the snacking category using flavour trends from around the world. This is what makes us different…..

How important is sustainability and impact to The Curators?

We have always been incredibly keen to make The Curators as sustainable as possible. However, this is not always easy as a small start-up (meaning small budget!). Packaging breakthroughs are expensive and time consuming, so a small team of 4 cannot always prioritise this…..However, we have always said within 2 years of launching, we would release at least 1 sustainable range, hence our NPD that we launched last month…..

Our new range of delicious nuts are packed in a ground-breaking 100% plastic free film. This is a first in UK snacking! The fully paper pack can be recycled easily at home or at the curb side and is made from a sustainable source of pulp. So much so it has been endorsed by A Plastic Planet (https://aplasticplanet.com/). In a post-covid world, single-use plastic waste is ever-increasing, making this packaging breakthrough even more important than ever.

How does the Curators team like to keep healthy?

The Curators Almonds

There are still only 4 of us in the team, making it incredibly important for us to share passions and hobbies. Luckily, along with our joint-love of delicious food, we all love keeping active and healthy. Since we launched, we have always done a team “Active Monday” once a month. In this, we take it in turns to arrange a team workout first thing on a Monday morning, and it could be anything from a very sweaty Barry’s Bootcamp, or a mind-awakening canoe around Windsor. Not only does it give us a chance to bond as a team, but also sets us up for a great week.


As well as this, we all value our diet, and believe in the balance of nutrition (which we think reflects in our products). Yes, we absolutely love eating Egg & Bacon Naans from Dishoom, but we also love food that does us good. Life is all about balance after all!

Which one of The Curators snack would you recommend as a must-try?


For me, it has to be the Original Biltong or Smoky BBQ Almonds. Nutritious, Delicious and extremely satiating! I am a big fan of cycling, but also a big fan of going to the pub….and theses snacks are perfect on both occasions!