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Increasing footfall, more cars on the road and busier train stations can only mean one thing: the world of work is opening up once again. But whether it will ever open up to the same level as before the pandemic is still to be determined. While many employees are desperate to get back to their office so that they can be alongside their colleagues, plenty are relishing the opportunity to work from home, while others are anxious about returning to work while COVID-19 cases remain in circulation and vaccination is ongoing.

The keto diet has been one of the most widely researched and widely adopted diets in recent years. This has been the case for a myrid of reasons, many of which we’re going to delve into today.


As the world opens up again and employees return to the office, they’re finding that some of the changes brought about by the pandemic are here to stay. The ‘new normal’ means hand sanitiser, masks and social distancing. It doesn’t mean shared croissants in meeting rooms, help-yourself cakes on the side or workplace breakfast buffets laid on prior to logging on. 

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