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Employee perks to perk everyone up

Employee perks to perk everyone up

A little appreciation goes a long way. And nothing says ‘you’re super important to us’ quite like a perk. Show your employees or event attendees just how much you value their wellbeing by sending them a curated snack box of healthy and nutritious nibbles from new and up-and-coming brands.

Producers are ethical, sustainable and where available, packaging is free from plastic. Even more reason to feel joyous!

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Snack box subscriptions and virtual team events

Snack box subscriptions and virtual team events

Show everyone that employee wellbeing is top of your agenda with a snack box care package sent directly to their home or office. You’ll hear the buzz a mile off as they unbox a healthy haul of nutritious nibbles. Send once or send often, it’s up to you. Choose from a range of sizes and dietary requirements.

Working flexibly? Don’t lose the perks and ensure the entire team get involved with the perfect solution for home or office. Our Business Moments boxes are just the thing! From a delicious ‘start-the-day-right’ Breakfast Box to options for lunch and evening nibbles, we’ve got you covered. 

Premium swag for events and conferences

Premium swag for events and conferences

Need a supplier for an international team event? A take-home bag for a brand ambassador programme? Or a swag bag for 1000s tuning in for an event or conference at home? We’ll work with you to curate the ideal goody bag from our huge selection of food and drink, treats and sustainable gifts such as drinkware, wearable tech, wellbeing, wine and productivity gifts. 

Simply send us a secure link to your database, agree your personalised message, how much you want to spend and leave the rest to us. You don’t even need to worry about GDPR controls - we’re all over that too!

Corporate Gift and Rewards

Corporate Gift and Rewards

It’s not always easy finding corporate gifts that aren’t well… a bit same-old same-old. We make it easy to impress your clients and customers with thoughtfully-curated premium lifestyle goods and delicious healthier snacks they'll love. 

Using new and up-and-coming health-conscious brands means each gift is a mini discovery in itself. And because we cater for all dietary needs, it’s a thoughtful way to please anyone mindful of what they put in their body.

Looking for a fully customised solution? No problem! Design a one-of-a-kind box with the help of our People’s Champion’s who will curate a thoughtful gifting experience, not to be forgotten!

Snack Box FAQs

What are the snack box options?

We have seven different Healthy Nibbles boxes, created to suit individual dietary requirements and lifestyles:gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, health, high-protein, and we even have a box specially designed for kids. Our gluten-free boxes are free from wheat, oats, rye and barley. Our nut-free boxes are free from nuts (some products may have been produced in a factory where nuts are handled. Please do get in touch with us if you have a severe allergy and we will be able to curate a box to suit). Our vegan boxes avoid all animal products such as meat, dairy, and eggs. Our traditional healthy boxes are for those people who choose to eat a 'clean' diet, but do not have any specific dietary requirements. Our protein boxes contain snacks that are high in protein, the perfect post-workout fuel. And our kids box, designed by Mia - the daughter of our founder, Sara - contains sweet and savoury snacks that are perfect for kid’s lunch boxes or to keep the little nibblers well-fuelled between meals. 

What dietary requirements do the snacks cater to?

Healthy Nibbles have over 1000 products listed and have curated ranges to suit 6 specific requirements: general health, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, keto and high-protein.

What products should I expect in each box?

Boxes will vary week to week, but will always be filled with goodies to give you boundless energy and keep hunger at bay. We stock a range of carefully-selected brands, with snacks including raw bars, popcorn, healthy crisps, chocolate (free from refined sugars!), biltong, seeds, nuts, and lots more.

Am I able to choose what products go in the box?

Our subscription boxes are full of surprises, which is all part of the fun, meaning products alter weekly or monthly in your subscription box. If however, you have any specific requests, you are welcome to send us an email through our Contact Page and we will be happy to accommodate.