Corporate Wellbeing

‘60% of our waking hours are spent at work. We work well when we are well for work’

According to research conducted by Mercer, the number one concern for UK employees is their ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst holding down a job. This concern is reflected in a comment by Frans Van Houten the Chief Executive of Philips “Given the amount of time employees may spend at work, it is not realistic for us to cram all our “healthy” living into our remaining waking hours.”


At Healthy Nibbles, we understand the role good nutrition plays in smooth running of your business. Employees eat nearly half of their daily meals and snacks at the workplace, which means that what is consumed during working hours can have a great impact on overall diet and health. It’s not uncommon to find that employees, who may well be healthy eaters at home, give way to speed and convenience when it comes to the food choices that are made, often under pressure, during working hours. This is why, ensuring healthy options, that are both functional and suit different dietary needs, is an importance cog on the corporate wellbeing wheel.

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